The Latest Hand Held Device

Want to know about the next hand held device? No, not the new Iphone; but Color Wow root cover up.

Color WOW

Voted #1 Root Cover up by Allure, made the Glamour Magazine Power List, and the O List for Oprah Magazine.

This professional mineral powder adheres to hair without being sticky, oily, or stiff. It covers grey and both light or dark out grown roots to instantly camouflage. A life saver to help you last between salon visits when you have a busy schedule. This product is fast and easy to apply. Start by applying straight to dry hair, as shown in the video when you click the image below; using the small side of the dual brush, let set a minute, then brush off or blow dry the excess to enjoy the lasting effect until you shampoo it out.

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This sleek root cover powder is good for at least sixty applications and is water resistant. Available in platinum/light blonde, blonde, red, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and black. Stop in to Salon Envy Chicago and pick up your perfect shade of Color Wow

Top Benefits for Waxing Your Sweet Spot


Why Should you Wax Your Sweet Spot? :)

1. Clean, Sexy, Smooth skin for WEEKS.
      This means no daily maintenance. Waxing can last 4-7 weeks. Leaving silky, smooth skin around your sweet spot. Whether you get a brazilian wax, (what our esteticians are known for), an in-betweenie wax, or a bikini wax,  you'll stay smooth for weeks. Waxing pulls hair from the root, eliminating the black stubble that a razor leaves on the skin.
2. Silky Skin, no razor bumps.
      You won't have to worry about razor bumps or burns... All those nasty bumps and burns come from shaving, not waxing. 

3. Thinner, less hair re-growth.
      The more you wax, the less hair that will grow. Also, hair will grow back less coarse. Fine hair is much more pleasant than thick, black coarse hair down there!

4. It is fast, effective, & convenient.
      Our esteticians usually take less than 30 minutes for a FULL brazillian. No more wasted time and energy in the shower by shaving. No more razor shopping and those little accidental cuts with new razors.

Realize Your "Full Potential"


Want Fuller, Stronger hair?

Reduce Hair Loss by 46% in One Month!

Stop breakage in its tracks with The Bb. Full Potential Regimen! Perfect for anyone who wants full, healthy hair and for those with breakage prone or thinning hair. Infused with Bumble’s potent HAIR PRESERVE BLEND™; Full Potential Shampoo, Conditioner, and Booster Spray promote strength and elasticity. Instantly achieve the look of healthier, fuller hair and the reduction of hair loss due to breakage.

Step 1: The Bb Full Potential Shampoo invigorates, with menthol, and exfoliates for an optimal scalp environment. Cleanse to remove any product buildup to help “set the stage” for healthier looking hair. Can be used daily, message into the scalp and hair, lather well and rinse thoroughly.

Step 2: Hair Preserving Conditioner, instantly reinforces each strand to promote strength and elasticity. Nurturing and light weight so it won’t weigh you down. Work into hair after shampooing, let sit for a couple minutes, and rinse.

Step 3: Full Potential Hair Preserving Booster Spray, your full (styling) potential Realized! Highly potent and restorative Booster Spray acts like a liquid bandage that targets breakage hotspots. Achieve denser, more voluptuous hair when used after shampoo and conditioner. Spray twice daily onto wet or dry hair from roots to ends, comb through.

Realize your “Full Potential”, today at Salon Envy Chicago! Purchase any Bb. Full Potential Product, and receive a complimentary gift! {*While Supplies Last*}

What is the Best Haircut For a Round Face Shape?

What is the Best Haircut for a Round Face Shape?

Not sure if you have a round face shape? When you pull ALL of your hair back, its easy to see! If the width of your face is about the same length, then it is ROUND! Also, a sure sign of a round face shape is the inability to see your jaw-line. Our goal is to elongate a round face shape. We want to create length to the face with our haircut, which will give the illusion of a slimmer face.
Length. If you can flaunt it, long hair works perfect with a round face shape. When hair is longer around the face, it will slim the sides and lengthen the face. BUT, for those ladies who cannot wear it long, do NOT be shy when cutting it short. The most flattering short haircut for a round face-shape is to show LESS hair, more face :). Do not hide behind your face, instead a sexy, short pixie haircut is the way to go! Leave the hair around the sides of your face on the longer side for a slimming, flirty style.
Bangs. Its all about the bangs, bout' the bangs! A side bang or a longer middle part bang flatter a round face shape. A side bang that shows the highest point of the forehead, and cuts off the sides of the face softening those round features. A middle part with a longer bang (below the cheekbones) also will give a narrower illusion and be super flattering.
Keep layering to a minimum. "Over-layering" the hair will create volume at the sides of the face which will just make the face shape appear even ROUNDER! Keep the layering below the chin and do not "over-do" your "hair-do". :)
Volume. Volume in the right places, i.e. the top of the head, will work magic with a round face shape. The haircut should give you the ease to create volume on the top of your head. (The Crown). This will elongate your round face shape and will give the appearance of an oval face shape.


Does your hair need an AFTER SuMMeR PICK-ME-UP?


The sun can reek some serious havoc on our hair. Try a luxurious & customized conditioning treatment next time you're in the salon. For the month of August, Salon Envy is offering the Kérastase In Salon Treatments for 20% off.

Kérastase's philosophy for the hair is to:
1. Cleanse
2. Treat  
3. Protect

Kérastase offers Fusio Dose treatments. Kérastase is the most "health conscious" hair care line that will improve your hair over time, not just temporarily treat the symptoms. 
There are two steps in the conditioning treatment process.
First, we diagnose the primary and secondary personalized concerns for your hair.
Second, we massage the customized treatment into the hair. The ultra-concentrated treatments penetrate the active ingredients instantly and last about 4-6 weeks.

Be. Honest. With. Your. Hair.
All of us could use a hair "treat" after this summer sun. :)

****For the severely dry or damaged hair, ask your hair consultant for your at-home FUSIO-DOSE HOMELAB program.

Its all about the brush, bout the brush, no tangles....

Beautiful Hair Starts With The Brush.
We all have them. Round, flat, soft or hard bristle: Which hair brush is best for your hair? 
Each brush will give you a different result. I will go over some of our favorite brushes here at Salon Envy Chicago.

The Round Brush: Our favorite styling brushes that smooth hair straight or can give your hair with BODY & WAVE are the NanoThermic Round Thermal Brushes. The top 3 benefits to this brush are:
1. Ceramic Technology. Creates a smooth, long-lasting style. Its also vented to provide faster drying time.
2. Tourmaline Ion Technology. Eliminates frizz & flyaways, adds shine, and hydration to your hair cuticle.
3. Nano-Silver Technology. Nano-silver has antibacterial properties that will keep your hair feeling healthy. Check out this video about our favorite round brush.

The Best Brush for tangly hair: This is also the best brush for fine hair. Thin hair too! Tangly & Fine hair usually go hand in hand. The best brush for hair that tangles constantly is "THE WET BRUSH". You'll find it under the hashtag #thebestbrushever. It will detangle your hair WITHOUT breaking your hair or snagging. Some say, "its the only hair brush you'll ever need". They are inexpensive and now sold at SALON ENVY!
The Best Boar Bristle: Mason Pearson is known for the BEST round brush. A real boar bristle brush is a luxury, you can spend up to 300 dollars on one brush. If you think that's crazy, they've have been around since the 1800's! They naturally condition your hair, smooth frizz, and stimulate your scalp. The idea is that the natural oils from your scalp are brushed through your hair; therefore, NATURALLY conditioning the locks. 

The Best Paddle Brush: The Paul Mitchell 413 brush is an easy to work with paddle brush. You can speed up styling time by "rough drying" your hair first with a paddle brush. Whip it mostly dry with this, and then you can move on to smoothing the hair with a boar bristle hair brush or a round brush.

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