A Woman’s Guide To the Perfect Blowout: How To Get The Salon Styled Blow-Dry

Nothing adds confidence and the pep into a lady’s step as when leaving the beauty shop with the perfect blow dry.
Unfortunately, although our stylist may make it look simple, we end up at home looking more like a disheveled mess than this run way model below.
Here are some simple tips to get your blow dry looking like you just left the salon.
Prepping your hair is very important to achieve the salon styled blowout. Make sure your hair is SUPER clean and conditioned. Wash 2x if needed and condition mid-shaft to ends. Rinse thoroughly and prep the hair with proper products. The musts are: a thermal protector, volumizing mouse or gel (to hold style), and a serum or smoothing cream (to tame frizz and moisturize dry ends). Also, if possible & you are not super frizzy, then let your hair air dry for 15-30 min before you start.
Sectioning is crucial so you do not end up with a knotty, tangled mess. Section your hair off in sections that are small enough to work through with a brush and clip them off. Start with the very top, sides, divide the back into a few sections and start with the nape (lower neck section).
#3. TOOLS.
Tools are very important. Get a round brush that is made of ceramic with bristles. This way the brush heats up and cools giving your hair body & shape. Make sure you don’t have your grandmas blow dryer from 1920. Get a updated blow dryer with new technology. A blow dryer that is updated will keep your hair healthy, shiny, and smooth. This rule applies to all hot tools: curling irons, flat irons, wands, wavers, etc..

Direction sounds simple but it is also imperative when you are working with a blow dryer. Blow the dryer in the direction your cuticle grows which is DOWN. Always keep the blow dryer pointed down. Also, if you want volume, rough dry your hair first by flipping it upside down and getting most of the water out before you start your round brushing.       
Each section should be pulled out TAUT with your round brush, while the blow dryer is pointed DOWN, and smoothed slowly down the hair shaft. Here is a video example.

Finish your blow dry with a softening, shine serum such as Kerastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide. And a light hairspray to lock in your style but not give you that “stop a bird in flight” hold such as Kerastase Couture line “Laquer Couture”.
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