Expert Answers to Top Hair Questions


Expert Answers To Top Hair Questions

Q) How can I deal with my split ends? 
 A) There is only one way to deal with split ends and it is like those dysfunctional relationships in your life....... cut them all OFF! :) Split ends are unrepairable! Regardless of what any hair product says, they need to be trimmed off. There are products that help MEND split ends temporarily, so they look nice and neat. But it is only temporary. Once the hair cuticle is split it will continue to split in every direction all the way up the hair cuticle until it either is broken off or cut off. So make sure you get regular trims and cut those ends at the first sight of split ends.

Q) How can I combat my frizz?
A) Most hair that is curly or wavy struggles with frizz!

First off, do not rub your hair with your towel or brush your hair wet. When you get out of the shower apply your product and use your fingers to seperate if need be. The LESS you touch your hair, the LESS frizz you will have.
Second, get a good cut and make sure your stylist knows how to cut curly hair. Stay away from the razor and any texturizing shears that will end up making your curl look even more frizzy. The stylist that knows how to work with curls can show you the BEST products to combat your frizzy hair. Trust us, products make a WORLD of a difference. Third, either airdry or diffuse. When using your diffuser (attachment at the end of your blow-dryer) make sure to keep it 5-10 inches away from your hair. The air from your blowdryer will blow your frizz all around and make your frizz look worse if it is too close to your hair.

Q.) How can I fix my greasy, oily hair?
 A.) Oily hair is really just an oily scalp. First, we suggest switching your shampoo. Maybe you are not using something suitable for your hair type. If you already are, maybe try switching to an anti-dandruff shampoo. Typically Zinc pyrithione are added into the shampoo, which the medicated shampoo will make a huge difference. Second, try leaving it in after your scalp massage for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. Also, shampoo twice and rinse very well.

Q.) My gray hair shows way too fast, how can I make my color last longer?
A.) There have been many times in our careers where clients come in and complain about their color "not lasting". Not lasting, meaning their gray showing fast. We cannot SLOW down your hair growth. If you get a permanent color job, that permanently colors your grays, your gray is gone and will never come back. BUT, it will grow back in. Some clients in a little as 2 weeks will begin to see new growth. We suggest if your "salt and pepper" is more salt, go as light as possible to blend that new growth into your hair color. If your hair is darker, it helps to blend your color by adding dimension such as highlights or balayage color. The more solid pigment your hair color is, the more those grays will SCREAM at you in a few weeks.

Q.) How can I grow my hair long?
A.) Every clients hair has a specific life expectancy. Some clients can literally grow their hair for years and it will never split. Then some clients hair will split after 6 weeks and can barely get past their shoulders. Our best advice comes from these five top tips.
1.) Take care of YOU! Get trims and make sure those split ends are completely removed. Make sure whoever cuts your hair isn't a scissor happy kind-of stylist. Eat healthy and drink alot of water. Limit stress and exercise regularly! Trust us, it makes a difference.
2.) Do not lighten or color your hair with ammonia and other harsh chemicals that can break down the structure and strength of your hair.
3.) Use high quality products that arent formulated with harsh cheap chemicals. Your stylist will recommend the best products for your hair type and your hair goals. Make sure you see someone who KNOWS what they are doing with long hair.
4.) Baby your hair. By "baby" we mean as little wear and tear as possible. Limit pony tails, air dry as much as possible, the less irons and 'hot tools'  the better, don't rip your brush through your hair, and try to wait every other or every third day to wash.\
5.) Get regular in-salon conditioning treatments. Whether you come to Salon Envy Chicago or not, we recommend in salon treatments about every 4-6 weeks with your trims. These will penetrate the cortex of your hair for ultimate conditioning, moisture, and strength!

Q.) What are some different ways to wear my hair?
A.) Alot of clients get bored with their typical blow dry or style. They come to ask us different ways to style their hair and 'switch it up'. Here are a few pictures and ideas for easy to do hair styles.
1. The Top Knot-
2. The Half Top Knot-
3. Wavy with a Wand-
4. Loose Curl with a 1 1/2 Inch Iron-
5. Low Bun With Middle or Side Part-
6. Pin One Side Back-

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