Valentines Day: Romantic Do's


HAIR! Its all about the hair! Valentines day is almost here and for all of you ladies that make your hair a priority here are a few simple and flirty do's. This winter season on almost every runway you will see one of these four styles. They are simple, girly, and perfect for Valentines. Flirty loose braids, half up with a middle part, a classy pony, or the high bun (which has been trending everywhere for formal wear and weddings). Whether you have a movie date with your honey or going all out with your glamourous outfit and makeup, here are a few ideas that we can replicate for you at @salonenvychicago or with a few of our styling aids, taking on the challenge at home....


1. The ponytail.

The ponytail can be worn in so many ways. Megan Fox wears her pony sleek and classicly simple. This simple up-do will highlight your face and bring more attention to your outfit. It is perfect for the ladies with an oblong or oval face shape. If you want to fancy-it-up, add a few curls with your iron like the picture on the right and do a pony-wrap. The wraps are all over the magazines right now they are hot! hot! hot!

Take a piece of your hair from the bottom of your pony tail and wrap it around until there is about an inch and a half end left over and double bobby it underneath. (put one bobby in and then make a criss cross it to lock it in for the night)     2. The HIGH bun. It was huge during fashion week and we are replicating it constantly. This is super formal BUT can also be dressed down with some "fall-out" pieces or some messy-ness. Put your hair in a sleek tight pony first. Then tease your hair in your pony tail and lightly brush out the perimeter and spin around creating the bun. Use a few bobbies all around to tuck in loose ends.

Use about 4 sprays of Kerastase Chroma Crystal shine spray to polish the look and there you go.

The high fashion high bun.

        (3)TROIS. Flirty French Braids. Braids are EVERYWHERE! She wears it so well with a teased and tossled top, a few "fell-out" pieces, and a loose braid to the ends. Tease your hair on top in sections and a little on the sides. Next, spray 8-10 inches away with hairspray like ...... Kerastase Double Force. It sprays with a fine mist, has strengthening agents for weak hair, and will hold all night. Use your fingers to comb through and add a French or loose braid all the way to your ends. Voila!    

4. Half up. A classic middle part with two small braids or twists back that meet in the center. Take both sides and secure together with a bobby. This is adorable on ladies with short hair too! Spray with Kerastase Double Force (as mentioned above) and use your 1 1/2 curling iron or hot rollers through the ends. Once curled, lightly brush out the curls to get soft waves that are natural and pretty. You can dress it up with a flower or decorated bobby pin.









<3 Salon Envy

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