New KÉRASTASE Resistance Therapiste

NEW Résistance Thérapiste at Salon Envy Chicago

Kérastase’s first hair renewal care system for damaged, over processed hair infused with Fibra-KAP™ and the Resurrection Plant. The Resurrection Plant is known for its ability to survive almost complete dehydration and can come back to life after 10 years of near death. Once sold as a curiosity in the 19th century, Kérastase has extracted the sap to transpose the plants energy into a new vital formula to give your hair a second life. For years, we thought hair was only composed of ceramides and keratin. KAPs, Keratin Associated Proteins, are tiny proteins that link and bond the keratin together and makes up 50% of your hair. When your hair is damaged those proteins disappear. Watch the video below to witness these miracle ingredients return to health in less than 24 hours:


The new collection includes the very first: Renewal Shampoo, Reverse Care Conditioner, Resurrection Dual Serum to reduce 76% of split ends, and Reparative Bandage Masque. Find out how to wash your hair in reverse with the NEW Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste Regimen. Ask your Salon Envy stylist about the Reverse Care method by using the Soin Premier prior to shampooing to help instantly repair damaged hair by infusing the fiber with softness to protect hair while cleansing.

Do you want to give your hair a second life?
Thérapiste (erosion level 3-4) is designed for very damaged and over-processed hair. Hair is restored and the quality of the fiber is like new.

Does your hair stylist tell you to cut your hair to get rid of split ends? Is your hair damaged? Salon Envy now recommends KÉRASTASE DUAL SERUM THÉRAPISTE to treat split ends, dry damaged hair. Seals split ends and blow drying time is cut in half!

Try the new KÉRASTASE line today at Salon Envy located in Chicago, IL.

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