The 2012 Red Carpet Oscar Awards BEST Hair and Makeup

The classiest award show of them all, the Oscars! Last night, I was amazed at the trending hairstyles from bangs, to buns, braids (still!) and beautiful makeup the celebrities wore as strutting down the famous red carpet for the 2012 Academy Awards.

First the baby blunt bangs on Rooney Mara were adorable. I love these because they are so different and scream confidence. Rarely, will you see this classic bang style in hollywood. It has that 20s/30s vibe mixed with 2012's tight bun. J. Lo's trendy high bun has been hot the past year and she wears it perfect. Her hair is slick smooth not one bump in that pony and then her big round bun on top of her head. I hated it at first but it has grew on me and is now one of my favs.

This last picture bottom right and shown below is Stacy Keibler (Clooneys girlfriend) who sports the side-do perfectly. Her dress was stunning. I loved the rouching in her gown that was designed into a flower at the side of her waist and the super trendy metallic color. I loved how her hair-do looked as simple as if she pushed her hair to one side, but from the back you see it is a pretty twist.











I love her red lipstick and stunning gown. Milla Jovovich has the classic glamourous wavy updo. C'est Beautiful!!!!!!!!


Michelle Williams wears short hair well. I love this short haircut it is so adorable and low maintenance! I can't wait to see her as Marilyn it is on my list of "to-do"s!!!! She was a doll with her matching lipstick, blonde hair, and colorful gown.



I do not like bashing celebrities, especially since the media takes great care of that. I was thinking the entire award show, "what is the media going to bash tomorrow"... I couldn't figure it out. BUT!!!! I knew once I saw her posing exactly what they would do. She stuck her leg out of her dress slit constantly, while she announced awards and also to pose for the pictures. Why did she do that hip strut and leg stick out? Besides her awkward poses, her hair looked stunning lighter, softer highlighted brown color, blown out to perfection and her makeup was flawless.

Shailene woodley pictured above was so pretty with her 'high-bun' that is hotter than ever! She looked classy and so pretty with her ivory dress and hair tied in a sleek bun.











Octavia spencer looked stunning in her beaded gown and dangle earrings. I loved her in the help and was so happy that the movie was awarded Sunday night.





The academy awards gives these actresses and actors a chance to shine with a little of their own personalities since they are constantly acting out other people. The show was amazing and the hair, makeup, and dress was phenomenal.




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