Its all about the brush, bout the brush, no tangles....

Beautiful Hair Starts With The Brush.
We all have them. Round, flat, soft or hard bristle: Which hair brush is best for your hair? 
Each brush will give you a different result. I will go over some of our favorite brushes here at Salon Envy Chicago.

The Round Brush: Our favorite styling brushes that smooth hair straight or can give your hair with BODY & WAVE are the NanoThermic Round Thermal Brushes. The top 3 benefits to this brush are:
1. Ceramic Technology. Creates a smooth, long-lasting style. Its also vented to provide faster drying time.
2. Tourmaline Ion Technology. Eliminates frizz & flyaways, adds shine, and hydration to your hair cuticle.
3. Nano-Silver Technology. Nano-silver has antibacterial properties that will keep your hair feeling healthy. Check out this video about our favorite round brush.

The Best Brush for tangly hair: This is also the best brush for fine hair. Thin hair too! Tangly & Fine hair usually go hand in hand. The best brush for hair that tangles constantly is "THE WET BRUSH". You'll find it under the hashtag #thebestbrushever. It will detangle your hair WITHOUT breaking your hair or snagging. Some say, "its the only hair brush you'll ever need". They are inexpensive and now sold at SALON ENVY!
The Best Boar Bristle: Mason Pearson is known for the BEST round brush. A real boar bristle brush is a luxury, you can spend up to 300 dollars on one brush. If you think that's crazy, they've have been around since the 1800's! They naturally condition your hair, smooth frizz, and stimulate your scalp. The idea is that the natural oils from your scalp are brushed through your hair; therefore, NATURALLY conditioning the locks. 

The Best Paddle Brush: The Paul Mitchell 413 brush is an easy to work with paddle brush. You can speed up styling time by "rough drying" your hair first with a paddle brush. Whip it mostly dry with this, and then you can move on to smoothing the hair with a boar bristle hair brush or a round brush.

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