The Latest Hand Held Device

Want to know about the next hand held device? No, not the new Iphone; but Color Wow root cover up.

Color WOW

Voted #1 Root Cover up by Allure, made the Glamour Magazine Power List, and the O List for Oprah Magazine.

This professional mineral powder adheres to hair without being sticky, oily, or stiff. It covers grey and both light or dark out grown roots to instantly camouflage. A life saver to help you last between salon visits when you have a busy schedule. This product is fast and easy to apply. Start by applying straight to dry hair, as shown in the video when you click the image below; using the small side of the dual brush, let set a minute, then brush off or blow dry the excess to enjoy the lasting effect until you shampoo it out.

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This sleek root cover powder is good for at least sixty applications and is water resistant. Available in platinum/light blonde, blonde, red, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and black. Stop in to Salon Envy Chicago and pick up your perfect shade of Color Wow

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