Fall/Winter Hair Color Trends for 2013

As you may or may not know Salon Envy, located in Chicago, has upgraded their color to L'Oreal Professionel. L'Oreal Professionel has the most beautiful, vibrant shades around! With this blog post I am going to cover fall/winter hair color trends inspirited from L'Oreal!


Sombre is the latest trend in the ombre phenomenon. Sombre is a softer, subtler ombre. Cascading from darker to lighter, with less contrast. This technique can be used for any skin tone!


Rose Gold

Rose gold is a great new fall color. It is the perfect balance between copper/apricot. The final look must be rich, look natural and be full of light. This color is ideal for cooler skin tones, but depending on the shade, it can be made for anyone.



Icy Brown

This year the catwalks delivered a ton of wet looks, creating the illusion that the models' hair looked darker and icier than it was. For fall we are seeing a lot of clients coming in wanting that shiny, icy brown. It is ideal for warmer skin tones, the contrast between the cool hair and then warm skin is beautiful.


Come check us out at Salon Envy, located in Chicago! All of the stylist here are passionate and love what we do! We want to make Lincoln Park look and feel beautiful!
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