Best Hair Extensions in Chicago at Salon Envy

Here at Salon Envy we offer only the best "Great Lengths Hair Extensions" and "Eurosocap" Hair Extensions. Michelle and myself do hair extensions here at the salon, be sure to check us out on our website at Michelle does Eurosocap and Great Lengths Hair Extensions 'the thermal method' and I do Great Lengths 'Cold Fusion' and 'the thermal method'.

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100% Human Hair Extensions

Great Lengths offers over 40 vibrant natural shades to precisely match the color of your own hair. Strands are available in lengths from 8 inches to 24 inches. Accommodating an individual's hair density can be achieved by converting standard bonds to create fine, extra fine and custom sizes. There are many options whether a full head lengthening, volumizing, highlighting or zonal volume application depending on your dream hair desires are!

Crazy Colors/Jewel Colors

Utilize Great Lengths crazy colors to create strong impact or subtle balance to any hair design. Choose from a colorfast spectrum of rich jewel tones, pure pigment primary and soft pastel colors.

Swarovski Crystal Strands

Apply Genuine Swarovski Crystal strands to inspire a unique statement for a wedding, special occasion or red carpet event. For a seamless blend, strands are available in clear, red and blue crystals on black, red, brown and blond threads.


3200 Thermal System

The Original. The system that has become the standard by which all other extension systems are judged has put extension services into the mainstream! This still unrivaled system produces results simply not possible with any other system. The Great Lengths 3200 applicator tong is heated on one side. The temperature, which is approximately the same temperature as the lowest setting on a standard curling iron, is used to soften the Great Lengths bond so it can be molded to your natural hair. Unlike other systems, where glue guns and wax melting pots are used, the 3200 applicator allows for a very clean and precise application. The result is undetectable attachments that are brushable, durable and, most importantly, non-damaging to your natural strands.

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Ultrasonic 5000

The Next Level. The Great Lengths Ultrasonic 5000 – Cold Fusion technology uses no heat. Whereas the original Great Lengths 3200 Thermal method utilizes heat to soften the bond so the bond can be molded around the group of natural strands that the bond is attaching to, the Ultrasonic 5000 Cold Fusion method utilizes ultrasonic wave. This wave or “vibration” action generates heat within the bond and this allows the bond to surround each individual strand within the group of natural strands the bond is being attached to. This added bonding security allows the stylist to mold the bond attachments into “flat” bond formation without compromising the bond “seal” to the client’s hair. Of course, traditional “round” bond formations with the Ultrasonic 5000 are possible too. This gives the stylist more application options to truly customize their Great Lengths Services to each client’s specific need and desired result.


Classic Line Hair Extension With Keratin Bonding

Classic Line Hair Extensions With Keratin Bonding

Single Drawn System

Research and innovation are a priority for Euro So.Cap. Following these dictates, the company has created its most renown Hair Extension Line: Classic Line.

This line utilizes 100% natural hair, gained directly from the cut of the typical Indian plait. This system is characterized by hair of different lengths inside the same lock, giving it a natural pointed shape. Such a structure respects the hair's naturalness and enable a natural extension, with no need to interfere with aimed cuts. That is why it was named Classic Line. The Classic Line is available in all colors of the Euro So.Cap. color chart and in two different sizes:16/18 in, 20/22 in
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