Hair Color Fading Problems. Why does my hair color fade? How to prevent hair color from fading! FADING FADING FADING!!!!

Well if you color your hair, you most likely suffer from hair color fading. Its normal! Even with permanent hair color, the color still fades over a period of time.

The 5 most common reasons why hair color fades...........

1.) The sun can cause hair color to fade.

2.) Many enviromental factors and pollutants can cause hair color to fade.

3.) Your shampoo and conditioners can cause hair color to fade.

4.) The minerals from the water can cause hair color to fade.

5.) The temperature of water can cause hair color to fade.

Over the years I have learned that there are a few things that help your hair color from fading:

After your color application be sure to add on a treatment to help preserve your color and protect your hair. Salon Envy recommends by Kerastase the in-salon fusio dose treatments or Bumble and Bumbles Color Minded Treatment. Both are in-salon treatments that are inexpensive and will help prolong your hair color from fading.



Color care shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist. If you buy store bought shampoos and conditioners they have cheaper chemicals in them (which is why they are cheaper) which will strip your hair and do the exact opposite of what you want!

~Bumble & Bumple color minded shampoo and conditioner is a great line for color fading and also Kerastase Chroma Riche and Chroma Captive sulfate free shampoo and rinse out.

Wash your hair in milder temperatures and rinse in cool water to close the cuticle and seal your color in. Make sure if possible to wait at least 24- even better 48 hours after your color application to wash your hair.

Limit your hair to sun exposure by wearing a bandana, hat, or scarf. Almost everytime clients come back from a sunny vacation their hair color is faded dramatically. The sun literally bleaches hair. Even if it doesnt feel strong or if it is cloudy, believe me, the rays are bleaching that hair!


Protect your hair with a leave in product. When your hair is exposed to high heat from your blow dryer or iron tools the cuticle is damaged and the hair becomes more porous. When your hair is more porous it will likely fade because the cuticle is more open and the color slides out faster! To protect your hair color from fading try Kerastase Chroma Thermique (a wonderful thermal protector and shine enhancing moisturizer. For you sun exposed clients out there try Kerastase Huile Celeste. Huile Celeste protects your hair from the sun, sea, and chlorine.

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