Products to Keep Handy at the Office

Friz day

In this summer heat, there is no telling how our style will stay throughout the day. By the time you're off the train and walking into work, the cute curls you put in an hour earlier are now frizzed and falling out! With the right products in your desk at work, this can be easily fixed! Walking into your office with A/C from the humidity does nothing flattering for your precious locks! To maintain your style and combat the humidity and frizz, you need to be prepared with a few of our favorite products.

Kérastase Cristalliste Lumiere is an anti-humectant and smooths hair without weighing it down. It is PERFECT to add shine and combat the humidity!
Cristalliste Lumiere
Another great product to have on hand is Bumble & Bumble's Defrizz. It does exactly what it says - protects against frizz, acts as a barrier to humidity and leaves hair soft, silky and flyaway-free!
B&B Defrizz

Always keep these products by your side and during the summer, give yourself a little bit of extra time so that you have time to primp before work starts!

On the other end of the work day, whether you're going out for drinks with your friends or dinner with your boyfriend, you need to be able to switch your style from day to night in a flash! We've all been there - this is why we love the idea of keeping a drawerful of travel size hair products at your desk!

All of the stylists here at the salon LOVE Redken's Quick Tease. We like to call it our "backcomb in a can." You can fab up your look with some extra volume and texture in a pinch! Spray 10-12 inches away to add texture, or 4-6 inches away as a volumizer for the root. For extra volume, you can use your backcomb to tease it, otherwise the product works great on its own!

!Redken Quick Tease

Another go-to product for a quick hair fix is dry shampoo. Redken has a great one, and it comes in travel size - perfect to carry around in your purse or keep at work! Bumble also has a fabulous dry shampoo specified for each hair color - AND it comes in travel sizes, as well!
Redken Powder Gripbbhairpowdafosho

If you're looking for another small product to keep at your desk, Bumble has Surf Spray which gives your hair perfect texture and beach waves.
Bumble Travel Sizes

Once you come prepared, you'll never have to stress again when you have a full day and don't have time to stop at home to do a hair check between obligations!
PS: Did we mention ALL of these products come in travel sizes? Stop by the salon to check them out!

What are your favorite "on-the-go" styling products?
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