Help! My hair won't grow!

We seem to run into this problem a lot with clients. Everyone wants that long beautiful hair but no one knows where to start!
Tip #1: PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE! You can’t get Rapunzel length hair in a day.

long hair don't care

One of the most important things to keep in mind, though is to trim your ends regularly - we suggest at least every 8-10 weeks.
(You don’t have to get inches off every time, you can come in for a dusting. Not only does this help keep your ends from being dried out or splitting, it also helps keep shape and style in your hair.)

Something many people, including our stylists say help is taking a multivitamin. Not only is this important for your general health in so many ways, it contributes to your hair health, too! For an extra boost, taking biotin will also help your hair grow faster.

After making all of the above steps part of your regular routine, one of the first places to start when trying to grow your hair out is your scalp. Hair health and beauty starts with the scalp - don't forget to take care of it! You can get a shampoo specifically for scalp health that will stimulate growth. We love this Kérastase Bain Stimuliste shampoo!

Bain Stimulus GL pic

This Kérastase 3 step system is fabulous and has so many great benefits; it increases the fullness of hair, thickens, and enhances density!
3 Step Thinning Hair System pic

Lastly, this Kérastase Initialiste Serum acts on the four attributes of total hair beauty:
1. Shine
2. Strength
3. Softness
4. Substance

This product maintains the health of your hair from root to tip, allowing it to grow faster and healthier.
Initialise serum

Stop in and check out these products and while you're here, ask our stylists for tips specific to your hair - they would love to help.

Giving that extra bit of love to your hair goes a long way, so make the time for it!

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