Vive Le Curl

Bumble and bumble’s New Curl Line has arrived at Salon Envy Chicago!
This new line will change every curly girl’s life!

Start with the Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner that are gentle on you curls. The Curl (care) Shampoo is a special blend Brazilian oils plus Bb’s Curl Optimizing HYDRA SCULPT BLEND™ which hydrates and de-frizzes thirsty curls. The Curl (care) custom Conditioner is a 3-in-1 formula. Leave it in as a treatment for added control and moisture; rinse it out like your normal conditioner, or use it as a co-wash. Co-wash is when you forgo the shampoo and wash your hair with the conditioner. It’s gentle on the hair without stripping or drying, but will not lather. Ask your Salon Envy stylist for more information on Co-washing.

Prime: Help detangle and define on day one with Bb. Curl Pre-style/Re-style. Spray on damp hair after you wash, rake through then style. Use it to re-style dry hair by misting it on to reshape and refresh your look.

Next: Find your Curl type and see what works best to achieve your look and amplify your natural texture.
Waves: Wide-set ripples with Straight Roots.
        What:  Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer + Bb. Curl defining cream.
        How: Start with Pre-style/Re-style Primer and rake through damp hair. Then use the curl defining cream on damp curls, rake through from roots to ends.
        Tip: Use the “Skip Rope” Technique by winding sections of your hair to find the natural bend, squeeze it and pin at the root. Then air dry or diffuse, and finger style.

Spirals: Round Curls with a loose, loopy bend.

        What: Bb. Curl Defining Cream + Bb. Curl Conditioning Mouse.
        How: Use the curl defining cream on damp curls and rake through from roots to ends. Follow it up with the Conditioning Mouse, from roots to ends, then defuse or air dry. 
        Tip: The Spiral Set for more uniform Curls. Starting at the front of your head, grab a small section of hair and wrap it around two fingers using a rolling motion. Pin at root and continue over entire head. Then diffuse, air-dry, or dry overnight till completely dry before removing pins. Shake out with fingers.


Ringlets: Springy curls that fall in an “S” pattern.

        What: Defining Crème
        How: After using the primer, use the curl defining cream on damp curls and rake through from roots to ends, air-dry or diffuse.
        Tip: Twist out Technique for movement, hold, and (tons of) Texture. Use a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute product, select a medium-sized front section of hair and separate into two pieces and twist together. Continue over entire head, diffuse, air-dry, or let dry overnight. Then, untwist sections from ends to root and rake fingers through hair to separate curls.
Coils: Straw-sized curls with volume.

        What: Defining Crème + Anit-Humidity Gel-oil.
        How: Apply Defining Crème evenly to damp hair and rake through hair to distribute. Follow with Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil by scrunching through hair and dry as desired.
        Tip: Ribboning Technique for Separation and Frizz reduction.  Separate hair into four sections, pinning each section at the root. Release one section and apply the Defining Crème followed by Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil. Within each section, pinch out strand of hair and smooth between fingers down the shaft. Then, Twirl ends around your finger. Repeat section by section, all over your head and diffuse or let dry overnight. Use a pick or your fingers to lift roots once dry.

Corkscrew: Tightly-wound Tresses that tend to shrink.
        What: Curl (care) Conditioner + Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer + Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil.
        How: Use Curl (care) Conditioner as a leave in treatment for very tight corkscrew curls. Then follow up with the Primer spray all over and use Anti-Humidity Gel-oil by scrunching through and letting it dry as desired.
        Tip: Bantu Knots Technique to Define and Unfurl Tight Curls. Divide Hair into four sections, two in front and two in back. Saturate the first section with Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer and Anti-Humidity Gel –Oil. Take a Subsection of the first section, separate into two pieces and twist the strands. Then, wind into small bun tucking the ends under. Repeat within in the section before moving on to the next. Diffuse or let air dry overnight, once dry, unravel buns and use a pick or your fingers to blend the curls.

Stop in and ask your Salon Envy Stylist which Curl products are right for you! 

NOW at Salon Envy Chicago! 
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