Oscar's Hair Rules - 2013


Oscar's Hair Rules!

With an estimated 40 Million American's and almost 100 Million people World-Wide watching the 83rd Annual Academy Awards (aka "the Oscar's") hair was on everyone mind, and this year's spectacular offering did not disappoint!

Jessica Chastain and Reese Witherspoon channel Old Hollywood style with blown-out and iron-set waves that flow and bounce - simply stunning!

And all eyes were on beautiful up-styles too. Technically amazing, these do's dazzled.

Naomi Watts and Christine Teigan are walking works of art with up-styles that are re-engineered and re-imagined as only today's stylists can.

And breakout phenom Jennifer Lawrence also opted for a style that was simply perfect, pulled loosely up and back which showed off her highlights and multi-sized jewels.

And who can forget the brave ones! Actors who don't need long locks to prove anything... they're serving short, choppy crops that emphasize their beautiful facial features.

Charlize Theron took the plunge for her role in the upcoming remake of Mad Max and deserved her own award for pulling off this short-shorter-shortest look. Anne Hathaway had the haircut for, and during, the filming of Les Miserables.

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