SHINE, BABY, SHINE!!! How do I get my hair to have more SHINE? My hair is DULL, how to add shine to my hair?

SHINY SHINE SHINE. How to get my hair shiny? How come my hair is so dull? Is there a product I can use to help with shine? Is there at treatment I can do at the salon to make my hair more shiny?

Shiny hair is youthful hair. I tell clients this daily. Young, healthy, beautiful, and soft! This is the hair we all dream of... There are so many ways to get our hair healthy and shiny.

First and foremost, your diet needs to be HEALTHY, with plenty of vitamins and minerals, and you need to have enough WATER throughout your day. This will keep your body hydrated and healthy, both are important factors in SHINY HAIR!

Second, your at home hair regime. I am going to go through my FAVORITE at home shampoos, conditioners, & styling products you can use to make your hair shiny.

Kerastase and Bumble and Bumble both carry amazing hair treatments and products that were specifically designed to help INCREASE your shine!

My two favorite shampoos & conditioners are by Kerastase and are called Chroma Captive or Chroma Riche. Both are GREAT for color-treated hair and smell fabulous. They are packed with extra benefits to make your hair have a REFLECTIVE SHINE. They features Linseed Oil, which is proven to reduce color fading by 33% to 50% (instrumental testing). Before your blow dry use a pump or two of Elixir Ultime Smoothing Serum through your midshaft to ends (or the Elixir by Kerastase that was prescribed for you by your stylist). Then finish with Chroma Cristal Shine Spray. Its an incredibly lightweight shine mist for color treated hair. Chroma Cristal has an ultra fine diffusion for a weightless feel and incredible shine!!!!

Kerastase also has a finishing product called "HUILE CELESTE" which is a protective shine spray. This was developed as a part of there UVA/UVB protective line. This is a glamorous sun care essential for intense protection and infinite shine. The bottle itself contains very fine gold glitter specks that when sprayed throughout the hair give it the bomb shine!


Bumble & Bumble Let it SHINE on Shampoo, and for high shine, follow with Let it Shine Conditioner and Shine On (and on) Finishing Spray.

The Shine family is excellent for all hair types and compatible with color-treated hair. This is a clear-as-day, sunflower-powered cleanser that enhances natural shine. This simple (but not standard) shampoo helps dissolve dulling residue and preserve natural oils to let hair positively sparkle.

Third, in your SALON! Salon Envy offers two treatments that are specifically for shine and both take only a FEW minutes! Both are AMAZING and quick add-on treatments that will give your dull hair ultimately shine.

~One is a Kerastase IN-SALON ritual shine conditioning treatment. The treatments last about 4 weeks and will last longer if you shampoo and condition your hair at home with the take home products recommended for your shine treatment.


~Second is our Redken CLEAR Gloss treatment! This is a gloss treatment we put over your natural color or color treated hair to give your hair ultimate shine! The hair gloss lasts about 4 to 6 weeks.

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