SPLIT ENDS!!!!!!!! HOW CAN I GET RID OF MY SPLIT ENDS????? What prevents split ends??

Split Ends. Okay, so we all get them. Lets be honest here ….. But….. If your hairdresser hasn’t gone over this, they should have, because SPLIT ENDS are HORRIBLE to keep!

Our hair strand is already soooooo tiny. Imagine it splitting into 2, 4, 6, or even 10 strands from its natural size. That split end in your hair becomes VERY fragile, brittle, and easily breakable. Most likely, if a split end grows longer AFTER it splits, then it will break off. This breakage looks unkept, will hardly hold a curl, and is just plain nasty! This also prevents you ladies from growing your hair long and fabulous.


The first and most important is to maintain your haircuts. Whether you are just getting BABY TRIMS (taking very little off of your length and ends) or a good shape up, it is important to keep up on your hair cuts. I recommend 5-8 weeks between haircuts. Everyone hair is different, if your stylist recommends sooner, then listen to the professional. Some clients’ hair will hardly split even at 8 weeks and if they are trying to grow their hair out, we can push their appointments back even farther! The most EFFICIENT way to get rid of your split ends is to cut them off. At Salon Envy make sure to always pre-book your appointment before you leave the salon to help remind you when you are due again. You can always move the appointment if you have to when the salon calls to remind you.

Second, if you know me you will know this answer, PRODUCTS! If you notice your hair splitting more than normal, or if your “NORMAL” is splitting after a few weeks after your trims, we have a shampoo and conditioner that is made for your brittle, fragile, and easily breakable ends. It is called “Kerastase Bain Fiber Architect” & “Kerastase Mask Fiber Architect “. I also recommend a LEAVE in Treatment ”Kerastase Fibre Architect” that works with heat, whether you use a HOT blow dryer or any hot tools.

Third, I recommend with your haircuts and/or color appointments that you get an IN-SALON Kerastase ritual conditioning treatment. “Vita-Ciment” treatment. “Kerastase Resistance Concentre Vita-Ciment is an intensive reconstructive treatment for weak, damaged hair. Kerastase Concentre Vita-Ciment fortifies the hair fiber to add strength and resilience. This ceramic-based concentrated mixture of fortifying ingredients, with the micro-targeted action of the Vita-Ciment Complex, is sprayed and massaged into the hair, section by section.” This will result in your hair instantly strengthened and resistance is increased. Hair is left feeling more substantial, shiny and easy to detangle.


Fourth & Final tip for fixing with your hair’s split ends is to maintain good health at home. This means drinking your 8 glasses of H20, eating healthy and ENOUGH protein, and regular exercise! Poor health will cause DULL, LIFE-LESS, and SPLIT END hair. Take a vitamin too that helps hair quality and make sure it has a lot of “BIOTIN” in it!


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