What Haircut Is Best For My Face Shape?

What haircut and style is best for my face shape?

It is very important to have a haircut that fits your face shape. After you find and achieve the best haircut, then the style and color has a big part in creating your perfect look.
There are 6 basic face shapes. The basic face shapes are round, square, heart shaped, oval, diamond, and oblong. The easiest way to distinguish your face shape is to pull your hair back into a ponytail then put your hands around your hair line.
It is hard sometimes to figure out your own face shape. If you are feeling overweight and round, you might assume your face shape is round. Although your face may feel full, you may not have a round face shape. Have your stylist help you out on this one. We are trained to differentiate face shapes and what is most flattering for you.
Each haircut will help minimize your non-flattering areas and compliment and accentuate your positive, flattering parts. The ideal face shape is oval so basically we want to achieve the oval appearance with your haircut.

Ideal Face shape, soft rounded shape,
prominent cheekbones
Oval is the ideal face shape, so there are no rules when it comes to an oval face shape. Bangs look great, but an oval face shape without a bang is beautiful too! The best thing about an oval face shape is that the possibilities are endless!

Face is widest at cheeks;
The width and length of face is almost equal.
The higher the hair, the more flattering for a round face shape! Height is a round face shapes best friend. It will elongate your face and give a more narrow, slim look. Longer hair styles or shorter with no poof to the sides helps slim the face. A middle part or a little off-centered part shows the highest point of your forehead and will slim down the sides of the face. Bangs are not good unless they are very thin, wispy, see-through bangs. Avoid short hair with volume on the sides. Avoid a side part with a thick swooping bang.

Square and boney jawline;
Cheekbones, forehead, & jawline are same width
The strong lines on a square face shape need to be softened. Height is flattering for a square face shape because it elongates the face and helps soften the edges. A soft wispy bang or side bang will soften the forehead and cheek line. Rounded and wispy haircuts will soften the face shape altogether and give a pretty oval appearance. Side parts create sweeping hair in the front, which softens the lines of a square face, too. Straight blunt edges and cuts that accentuate the jaw line, such as a blunt bob, should be avoided.

Heart Shaped-
Strong decrease in width from cheek to chin;
Usually a pointed chin;           
Forehead is wider than the rest of face shape.
The heart shaped face needs to minimize the top of the face shape and create width around the narrow chin. Chin length haircuts and styles are flattering to focus attention on the chin area. A see-through thin bang is flattering and minimizes the forehead area without cutting the length off of the face. Avoid a thick bang that will just make the face appear wider. Any haircut from chin length to shoulders that flips out or is wide is flattering.

Long & narrow;
Elongated from forehead to chin;
chin area gradually narrows.
For an oblong face shape, width needs to be created and the length of the face needs to be decreased. Bangs are flattering for a long face because it cuts off the top half creating a shorter looking face shape. Avoid long hair that drags the face down and creates a more narrow and long look. Avoid middle parts. Short hair looks wonderful on oblong face shapes. A long face needs body and layers no matter what haircut they get to create movement and width. Height is not an oblong face shapes friend because it will create more length in the face.


narrow forehead;
widest at temples;
narrow jawline;
The diamond face shape looks like the shape of a diamond. It is narrow at the forehead area, widest at the cheek-line and narrow again at the chin. The haircut should shorten the face shape and create width at the jaw line. Hairstyles that are tucked behind the ear are very flattering because they show off the jaw line. Hair should be cut short or around the shoulders and hair should be kept around the neck area. Bobs are great for this haircut too. Avoid middle part and too much height.

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