How to get thicker hair? Why is my hair so THIN?


How to get thicker hair? Why is my hair so THIN?
There are many reasons why hair can be thinning, but we are going to focus on how you can INSTANTLY get thicker, fuller feeling hair.
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Why is my Hair Falling OUT???? The Truth About Thinning Hair


Why is my Hair Falling OUT????
The Truth About Thinning Hair.

Hair loss can come at any time of life; whether your hair is gradually thinning or your hair is rapidly falling out, there are many reasons WHY hair starts to thin.

The TOP 4 reasons are as follows:

Stress. We all face stress at some point in our lives, but stress and what it does to our body can affect everyone differently. Stress has a huge impact on our hair! We have seen stress cause bald spots from “stress-induced” Alopecia, or temporary hair loss. Often times when clients tell me they’ve been losing hair and before I recommend them going to the doctor, I ask if they are stressed. 9/10 times my clients will say yes and that they are STRESSED out more than they have ever been. The solution for stress isn’t the same for everyone. Sometimes even if we aren’t FEELING the stress, our bodies are. Our bodies take the grunt of life stressors and issues like hair loss happen out of our control. Its quite the paradox, stress can cause you to start to lose your hair, and then it stresses us out even more! Eat healthy, drink a lot of water, exercise, and do something for yourself is typical advice for stress. It sounds simple, but so many people I know do not take the time for themselves to de-stress. Whether you take up a hobby in yoga or painting, whatever it may be, try to minimize stress.


Physical Condition. Other than stress, this is the reason why 30+ million people are experiencing some sort of hair loss or thinning hair. Your hair is growing from your largest organ in your body, your skin. If you experience a problem with your hair (a.k.a. thinning hair or balding hair), there is a big chance something could be going wrong inside your body. It can be the thyroid, hormones, lupus, and/or many other physical conditions that cause hair loss. If you're experiencing any sudden/ sort of hair loss, or noticed over a long period of time your hair is thinning- make an appointment with your doctor ASAP. Get a physical and get all of your vitamin levels checked! You never know. Your health is the most important factor to get squared away before exploring other avenues such as hair loss pills, creams, or treatments.
(Pregnancy). Pregnancy falls under a physical condition, sort of, because physically you put your body through the trauma of delivering a baby. 50% or more women experience significant amount of hair loss after having a baby. The good part about this one, is that most likely it will all fill in after a year or two. The bad part is, well, it is very hard to see your hair falling out in chunks, while being sleep deprived, and after everything you just went through. It is very common and I have seen many clients go through this after having their children.

Genetics. There is no fighting this one. Its either in your genetics or it isn’t. Studies show that you get the “balding gene” from your mothers side, but recent research has shown that when your father has thinning hair, you are more likely to have thinning hair, too! There are ways that you can slow down the process of thinning through hormones and other forms of medications, but thinning hair is inevitable if it runs in your genes. I recommend to my clients that its in their genetics to do everything possible to prevent it happening, if it bothers them. When it starts to get more noticeable there are cosmetic procedures to truly fix the issue, too.
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