Balayage: Best Balayage in Chicago


Balayage: Best Balayage in Chicago 

Balayage: (BAH-LEE-YAGE) A French word that means 'to sweep' or 'to paint. A natural, beautifully natural way of highlighting hair that is lower maintence. The regrowth is a gradual subtle root compared to the out-dated way of highlighting or weaving hair with foils that leaves a sharp line of hair re-growth.

Balayage gives the hair a multi-dimensional, sun-kissed type of highlight that resembles how natural hair gets lightened by the sun.

Balayage verse tradional highlighting:

Fall Fashion Forward Haircolor Ideas


Fashion Forward FALL 2018 Haircolor Ideas





Bronde Balayage 


Cinnamon & Spice Haircolor; EVERYTHING NICE.

Ellebana Lash Lift and Tint Now Offered at Salon Envy Chicago


Ellebana Lash Lift and Tint

Exclusively Offered at Salon Envy Chicago

A lash lift is the safe and easy way to temporarily curl or straighten lashes. Elleebana Lash Lift offers an ultra-hydrating keratin treatment option that clients and professionals will love. This service is time saving, creates incredible income potential, and highlights your clients' natural beauty. Lash lifts and tints are a fantastic option for everyone who is interested in dark, luscious, and beautifully curled lashes with low-maintence and minimal commitment. 



Spring & Summer 2018 Skincare Guide

Summer Skin care 2018
Tired of using the old bar soap and your face looking drab? Here is the most basic, but BEST, way to start taking care of your skin. Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated and we would love to recommend what type of products suit your skin the best. Determine what skin type you have: Acne, Skin Aging, Dryness, Oiliness, or Sensitized.

1.Cleanse.  Soap-free Dermalogica Cleansers lift impurities, address skin issues and prep skin for treatment.
2.Exfoliate. Exfoliation can be done either physically (small granules that scrub the first layer of the skin) or chemically. Exfoliation removes the old dead skin cells on the outer most layer to reveal fresh and brighter skin.

3.Tone. Dermalogica Toners shield against assault, increase product penetration and even out skin porosity.

4.Serum. Innovative serums and oils to hydrate, repair, and protect your skin.      

5.Moisturize. Moisturizers will hydrate and help balance out oily or dry skin based on the moisturizer you get.

6.Protect. Lastly, but the most important step! Protect your skin with our range of broad spectrum SPF products. The sun is the number one thing that destroys healthy skin. Never leave the house with out it, even if its winter!

Spring 2018 Haircuts: Top Haircuts for Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Haircuts: Top Haircuts for Spring 2018
When the weather breaks and you feel like your current haircut needs a little SPICE... Check out what is trending now for the top haircuts for SPRING 2018.


Considering a change, but not sure?
Ask yourself a few of these questions...

When is the last time you changed your current haircut?
If it was over a year ago or you cant remember, time for a change!

When is the last time you recieved a compliment on your current haircut or style?
If you can't remember, time for a change!

Do you love your hair?
If not, time for a change!

Top 3 haircuts for spring 2018.

  • Mid-length blunt layered cut. This haircut is perfect for the new "textured-wave" that is hot right now. Take a few inches off of your tresses, clean up the ends & take some weight off of your hair.

  • Side-part BOB. This textured, shoulder length haircut is perfect way to add natural volume and style to your haircut for spring 2018. It can be worn styled with sexy, messy waves or sleek & professional for the weekdays.

  • Mid-length with LONG layers. This versitle haircut is LOW maintenence, something that we all need a little more of in our lives. It looks good wearing naturally styled or with a subtle wave. 


Hair Extensions Chicago: Chicago Hair Extensions


Hair Extensions Chicago: Chicago Hair Extensions


Do you want quick hair extensions? 
With top quality Great Lengths hair in Chicago? 


Which are extremely flexible? That are luxury quality tapes?

Introducing Great Lengths USA hair extensions line: GL APPs.


 Hair Extensions Chicago: Chicago Hair Tape In Extensions by Great Lengths USA

Have you wanted extensions, but cost is a concern? Introducing Great Lengths Apps. A tape-in technique of hair extensions designed by Great Lengths. Designed to be more affordable, but still has the incredible quality of Great Lengths Hair Extensions. 

GL Tapes are made by Great Lengths so the hair is luxurious right down to the ends. The strands retain their valuable cuticle layer from root to tip. 
Absolutely no differences in color are noticeable across the entire length. This enables GL Tapes to be easily integrated into your hair. The hair falls in a natural way and brushing is unbelievably easy.

Check out this link for a video about the GL APPS.

Longer hair, stunning volume and sensational color effects! GL Tapes can even work their magic on very fine hair. And because of Great Lengths – the extensions remain invisible. Only the desired effect is seen.
It will last up to eight weeks – after which the GL Tapes can simply be reapplied.

With very little effort, GL Tapes can be re-used several times. They can last up to eight weeks and can be re-applied easily. Simply visit your Great Lengths stylist or salon.

Why Won't My Hair Grow? Tips From The Experts


 Why Won't My Hair Grow?



Tips From The Experts here at the Top Salon in Chicago, Salon Envy.

"Why won't my hair grow?" is probably one of the top questions we get asked here at our top salon in Chicago. Its from our clients that are trying to grow their own hair out or just trying to get their hair HEALTHY. They look back to a period of their life when their hair was once healthy. The best way to figure it out is to think about what are you doing now that is different from then? Highlighting your hair? Using the flat iron daily?

Lets see what are the two reasons why your hair will not grow.

1) HAIR COLOR! Over-processed COLORED/BLEACHED hair continues to break at a certain point and won't grow past that. This is the number one reason we see hair not growing with clients. It is bleached, or over-processed with hair color. The hair becomes very weak. It splits, splits, and splits some more. Imagine a strand of hair divided into 5 pieces, it becomes so brittle and thin it breaks off. 

2) HOT TOOLS! The over-use of flat irons, blow dryer, & curling irons break down the hair into a very weak state and eventually it breaks. The second biggest reason why hair will not grow is because it is over-processed with the hot tools. You may be thinking, how can one blow dryer be that damaging? Well, the heat and damage to the hair over periods of time will break down the cuticle of your hair. Just like color breaking down the structure of the hair, the hot tools make hair weak and brittle; therefore, it can't stay strong and healthy anymore and it breaks off.

There are many other factors that can affect hair growth: Hormone Imbalances, Health Problems, High Stress Levels, Poor Diet, Lack of or Over Exercise, Constant Tension (Tight Ponytails, Buns, Extensions) but these are our top 2 we have seen over the years.


If you are intersted in getting on a "Hair REHAB program", where a stylist will genuinely help get your hair back to GREAT health, book your consult today.

773-880-5033 Salon Envy Chicago

Eye Lift Chicago. Dermalogical Eye Lift


  • Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift. Now @ Salon Envy
  • The new Eye Lift regime by Dermalogica is a cooling, gel-cream masque that is applied to the eye area using an applicator and then massaged in.  It works wonders in addressing chronic eye fatique and/or use for a quick daily BOOST!
  • Benefit of Stress Positive Eye Lift.
  • -Firms skin to help generate a lifting effect.
  • -Visibly de-puffs the under-eye area.
  • -Brightens the appearance of dark under-eye circles.

Best Hair Color for Green Eyes

Best Hair Color for Green Eyes

What is the BEST hair color for GREEN eyes?

Green eyes are little tricky son-of-a-guns because some green eyes have platinum specks and some have copper specks in them. The "specks" are the little flakes of color that we call your SECONDARY color. This is the color we use to match to make the most flattering hair color for you.


Best Facial Sunscreen. What is the Best UV Skin Protectant.


Summer is around the corner, now is the time to start protecting our skin. Dermalogica has several sunscreen facial products that cater to all types of skincare needs. If you are running errands or at the beach all day,

Dermalogica has the best sunscreen skincare thats formulated for your needs.

Follow our TOP 5 HEALTHY sunscreen tips for summer skin care.

1. Avoid sunscreens with Vitamin A. It is great in your diet, but not spread all over the skin. Vitamin A has been listed in 14% of sunscreens reviewed by the Environmental Working Group in 2017. Government data show that tumors and lesions develop sooner on skin coated with creams laced with vitamin A, also called retinyl palmitate or retinol.

2. Reapply cream often. Sunscreen chemicals decrease potency in the sun, wash off, or rub off on towels and clothing.

3. Avoid oxybenzone, a synthetic estrogen that penetrates the skin and can disrupt the hormone system. Look for products with zinc oxide, 3 percent avobenzone or Mexoryl SX. They protect skin from harmful UVA radiation.

4. Don’t fall for high SPF labels. Anything higher than SPF 50+ can tempt you to stay in the sun too long. Even if you don’t burn, your skin may be damaged. Stick to SPFs between 15 and 50+. Pick a product based on your own skin coloration, time outside, shade and cloud cover. Reapply often.

5. Got your vitamin D? Many people don’t get enough vitamin D, a hormone manufactured by the skin in the presence of sunlight. Your doctor can test your level and recommend supplements if you are low in this vital nutrient.



Consciously Sustainable Salon Chicago- Green Circle Salon Envy

Consciously Sustainable
Salon Envy Chicago

a green circle salon

Have you ever wondered what happens to the hair we sweep up after your haircut, color boxes, left over color, etc?

At Salon Envy Chicago,
we are a certified GREEN CIRCLE SALON.

What does that mean?
This means 95% of our waste at the salon is repurposed or recycled. We are on a journey to #zerowaste.

Hair- Hair is cleaned and stuffed into nylon tubes – “hair brooms” that are used to mop up oil spills in the ocean.

Equiptment- Broken equipment is broken down into parts, or repaired and sent to partner salons in development countries.

Hair color- Water is extracted from left over haircolor and the remaining material is used to make plastic.

We also recycle all paper and paper products, plastics, and glass.


How to ELIMINATE FRIZZ- Keratin Brazilian Treatment Chicago


How to ELIMINATE (mostly) FRIZZ-
Keratin Brazilian Treatment 

Salon Envy Offering La Brasiliana Domani Keratin Treatments

Anti Frizz treaments are not just for the ladies. No gender partiality here :)
Here is a photo done on Zackery, who has an extremely coarse tight curl pattern. The treatment left him with hair that was effortless to blowdry straight, or air-dryed
with a pretty frizz-free wave.

La Brasiliana Keratin Treatment is made with collagen, it transforms hair to its healthy, shiny state. La Brasiliana Keratin protein replenishes the condition of the hair, without damanage, and can be used on all hair types.


Eliminate frizz for 4-6 months with a Keratin Treatment.

How long does it take? It takes 2-4 hours to complete.

How smooth will my hair be? It will eliminate 80%-90% of frizz, about 50%-60% of curl.

How much does this cost? At Salon Envy, keratin treatments start at 0 + up.

Can I get one with color-treated hair? Yes, but clients should have a consultation if their hair is over treated with bleach or excessive color.

Blowouts will be a BREEZE.
Blow dry time is cut in half with a keratin treatment.
Your hair cuticle will be smoother & silkier. 
Keratin treatments allow you to keep 50-60% of your curl, but get rid of most of the frizz.

The anti-frizz treatment gradually fades out, so you won't have to deal with the frizz/curly root new growth that a permanent perm or relaxer causes.




Rhymes with Maserati and its basically that in a shampoo.

Silverati by Oribe was designed to brighten, intensely-hydrating conditioner, banishes dullness and yellow tones while restoring youthfulness, elasticity, and shine.

Perfect for BLONDES & aging hair. 

Voted Best Brazilian Wax in Chicago: Salon Envy Waxing

Voted Best Brazilian Wax in Chicago:
Salon Envy Waxing

All about waxing your SWEET spot.

Brazillian Wax (most popular):
A Brazillian Wax removes ALL of the hair down there. We are talking every single bit. Bare. Fresh and so smooth. A Brazilian Wax appointment usually is done with your panties off, so the aesthetcian can remove all hair front to back. This is is our most popular BODY WAX we offer at Salon Envy Chicago because our two aestheticians are known for doing them FAST & EFFICIENT. A full Brazilian Wax is booked as a 30 minute appointment, but we would say majority of the time these appointments finish alot quicker.

French Bikini Wax:
A French Bikini Wax is similar to a Brazilian Wax, but the is usually left around your bum area. A French Bikini Wax also usually has a "landing strip" left. This landing strip can be as thin as you would like, but typically is about 3 fingers width.

A Basic Bikini Wax:

A Basic Bikini Wax is where the hair that you would see if you had underwear on is removed. So, bascially if you were to wear a bathing suit there would be no visible hair around the inner thigh region. You can keep your panties on for this appoitment and it is super fast. The appointment time is 15 minutes or less.

5 Minute Waves with Oribe: Salon Envy Chicago Hair Tutorial From Oribe


Get the Look:

  1. 1. Lightly spray Dry Texturizing Spray over the entire head.
  2. 2. Wrap small sections of hair around the curling wand. Don’t worry about curling every single strand, as this will add to the effortless look. 
  3. 3. Flip your head over and go at it with Dry Texturizing Spray
  4. 4. Gently scrunch and shake the hair out until the desired soft waves are achieved.

Oribe At Salon Envy Chicago


How to create the perfect curls with Oribe.

Curl Gloss Hydration & Hold

Curl without crunch. This lightweight glossing gel shapes and shines for ultra-hydrating control. A blend of Brazilian extracts, including passion flower, jicama and cupuacu fight humidity and deeply condition for soft yet defined curls that hold all day. Curl without crunch. This lightweight glossing gel shapes and shines for ultra-hydrating control. A blend of Brazilian extracts, including passion flower, jicama and cupuacu fight humidity and deeply condition for soft yet defined curls that hold all day.

Apply to DAMP curls. Diffuse or Air-Dry. 

Instantly Longer, Fuller, Thicker, & More Voluminous Hair


Instantly Longer, Fuller, Thicker, & More Voluminous Hair

The MAIN reason hair does not grow thicker, longer, and more healthy is from over-processing those precious strands with hair color. Other reasons are an outdated, poor quality blow-dryer, curling iron, or flat iron. Come in for a consultation to discuss our "hair rehab" program to help you grow your hair healthier, longer, & thicker!

BUT.... Why wait to grow your hair when you can have INSTANT longer, fuller, and more voluminous hair with Great Lengths Hair Extensions. We are a certified Great Lengths USA Hair Extensions Salon in the top neighborhood "Lincoln Park" of Chicago.

Hair Extensions Chicago

Check out our stylist Rachel featured on Great Lengths Website:


Color Melt: Color Trends Fall 2016


Fall 2016 Hair Color Trend:

Color Melting

Color Melting is a technique wher3 or more hair colors are used that are similar, yet different. It blends the hair color creating a "color melting" effect. When your hair color "melts", its hard to tell where the highlights start or end.

What Is a Color Melt?

"A color melt is a dimensional look that has a lived-in feel with brightness around the face and absolutely no hard lines of demarcation," Adams explains. "The color literally melts in gradation from dark to light." If you've never highlighted your hair before it's a great first step. "You can introduce yourself to color or try something different," she says. "It's easy and chic."

Maintaining Your Melt

The biggest bonus of this highlighting technique-which is most often achieved with hand-painted balayage-is its low maintenance upkeep. Adams says you can go as long as 10 to 12 weeks between visits to freshen up the look, add brightness to the highlights, or deepen the base color if needed. Depending on how often you go you can have as much pop or as much of a natural feel as you want.

The biggest benefit to "Color Melting" is that there are no harsh lines like highlights in foils create. 


The Blunt Haircut. The Blunt BOB.


The Blunt Bob or Long Bob -LOB- Haircut. 

An Easy Maintenance Haircut.
A Simple Haircut. 
A Stylish Haircut.
A Versitile Haircut.

This ADORABLE short haircut gives you all 4 in 1....
Cutting hair can be life changing. Its time to realize that your hair length doesn't define your beauty. Cutting your hair short can be a game changer because you not only save SO MUCH TIME if you were to add it up throughout the year wasted on styling, but you'll also save $$$$$ from not buying shampoo, conditioner, and hair products.

Bronze Haircolor: The Bronzey Hair. Fall 2016 Hair Color Trend


Bronzey Hair Color: Fall 2016 Hottest Hair Trend


Bronze: The Latest Hair Color


Ready for Fall? So are we. Lets get your hair ready.

Be a Bronzey Babe with a mix of "root smudging" and some multi-dimensional bronzey hair colors. We love the Mochas by L'Oreal Professionnel.

The Curly Girl Method


The Curly Girl Method.

The curly girl method was invented by Lorraine Massey and it is a method in which you go SHAMPOO FREE to give your curls some ultra moisture. Instead of shampooing you cowash (wash your scalp with conditioner) and you condition and style your hair with silicone free and sulfate free product

Lived-In Color & Style at Salon Envy


Lived-In Color & Style at Salon Envy

a.k.a. The after-math of ombre. Created by Ramirez and his entire team in Beverly Hills, California that specialize in "lived-in color" - a subtle, enturing way of highlighting your hair that he insists is neither balayage nor ombre. "Lived-in Color" is also known as the 6 month color.

Its about as low maintenance as you can get with hair color, but as cutting edge as hair color can be.. We love this technique and are thrilled about the new opportunity to go to Beverly Hills and take classes from Ramirez-Tran Salon hopefully in the next year.

In the mean time, follow Ramirez on instagram and continue to gawk at his work. We specialize in balayage in at Salon Envy and LOVE to incorporate some of his color techinques into our salon.

Photo: Johnny Ramirez

Photo: Johnny Ramirez

Photo: Johnny Ramirez

Kevin Murphy Luxury Wash and Rinse

We LOVE Kevin Murphys Luxury Wash & Rinse.

It is true luxury in a bottle.
The natural aroma when cleansing will whisk you away to somewhere in complete serenity.
Making you feel as if you are on some perfect, remote beach...
The natural oils and 3 different types of butters will moisturize, hydrate and give your hair that SMOOTH, SHINY LUSTRE. Here are the 'deets'......

Specifically suited for the needs of thick, coarse hair. This shampoo is designed to give the hair more flexibility and to make the hair that is normally coarse be more supple and manageable. This shampoo is especially good for curly hair as it has the right hydro lipid balance that suits the needs of curly hair.

Sulphate free, Paraben free. Smoothing shampoo, For thick or coarse, coloured hair, Adds weight and moisture to hair, Color safe, Provides elasticity & shine. With a pH of 6.3 - 7.0.


Specifically suited for the needs of thick, coarse hair. This conditioner has the ability to make the hair more supple and improves flexibility on hair that is naturally coarse. Especially good for curly hair as it has the right hydro lipid balance that suits the needs of curly hair, too much moisture can result in fly-aways and frizz on naturally curly hair.

Paraben free, Smoothing shampoo, For thick or coarse, coloured hair, Colour safe, Adds weight and moisture to hair, Provides elasticity & shine, A balance of pH 4.5 - 5.5.

Kukui Nut Oil
Has proven its effects in treating damaged hair due to chemical dehydration
Buriti Nut Oil
A natural source of Vitamin A. Gives hair elasticity and shine
Vitamin A
An antioxidant and cellular renewal ingredient that smoothes the appearance of the hair shaft and increases elasticity derived from palm oil.
Murumuru Butter
Provides hydro-lipid balance that improves hydration and lustre
Shea Butter & Mango Butter
Delivers moisture to dry or damaged hair from the roots to the very tips, repairing and protecting against weather damage, dryness and brittleness. It also absorbs quickly and completely into the hair and scalp to rehydrate without clogging the cuticle. It is particularly beneficial for processed and heat-treated hair. It restores luster to damaged hair.

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The Best Anti-Aging Secret, That is Not So Secret.....


What is the BEST Anti-Aging Secret? That is not so secret..

Protect Your Skin At ALL Times!

Rain or Shine, Winter or Summer, Spring or FALL... Protect your skin! We only get one face, one set of SKIN on our face, so protecting your skin like you would your precious little newborn baby is imperative. These are our TOP 4 products by Dermalogica for protecting your skin against that evil, wrinkle-causing, trecherous sunshine. For those of you who are ahead of the skin game and already wear hats, you still need sunscreen. Hats will help the overhead sunshine UV rays, but when reflections bounce back up, damage will occur. Protect your SKIN at all times.

1. Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer SPF 30 and Dynamic Skin Recovery. Both are products from our AGE Smart, Anti-Aging line, and can be used together. 


  • A make-up primer, sunscreen and treatment for skin aging in one.
  • Stimulates collagen production to increase skin firmness.
  • Has a silky feel and provides a smooth surface for a "soft focus" effect.
  •  benefits
  • Provides long-lasting hydration and critical protection against UV light.
  • Helps control the triggers that lead to skin aging.
  • Blends smoothly into skin for a perfected finish

2. Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF 20


  • Convenience of a moisturizer, sun protection and skin-evening sheer color wash in one.
  • Helps balance skin tone and soften fine lines.
  • Provides Broad Spectrum defense against UV damage.

3. Total Eye Care 15 SPF


  • Chemical-free SPF helps prevent further UV damage.
  • Helps reduce puffiness and fine lines.
  • Optical light diffusers help minimize dark circles.

4. Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster


  • Boost the UV defense of prescribed Dermalogica Moisturizers by mixing equal parts together. May also be used alone for maximum SPF50 coverage.
  • Sophisticated, non-chalky formula forms an invisible shield against skin damaging environmental assault.
  • Antioxidants help improve skin smoothness and softness while providing added defense against skin-aging free radicals.

What is the Secret to SHINY, HEALTHY, & SMOOTH HAIR??????

Kerastase New Elixir Ultime Styling Products

Introducing NEW, FORMULATED products by Kerastase to make your hair feel and look healthier, smoother, and SHINY!!!!!!

Two Options:
Elixir Ultime Oil Serum adds extra smoothness to the hair for normal to thick hair


    • Our first Bi-Phase Spray Oil expands thickness and volume with ultimate shine and lightweight softness. All the nourishing benefits of hair oils without being weighed down.

      • Bi-phase formula expands and thickens each hair fiber
      • Adds softness, strength, and smoothness without the heaviness
      • The perfect "touch of oil" to nourish and protect
      • Illuminates and tames frizz with refreshed scent in one light spray application
      • A blend of four precious scented oils ideal for fine to normal hair types

Bumble and Bumble Hair Sprays


We want to introduce BUMBLE and BUMBLE HAIRSPRAYS! 
(In order from LIGHTEST to STRONGEST)
spray de mode

Won't leave you feeling like an '80s prom queen.

  •  A multi-dimensional styling tool with flexible hold, workability, exceptional memory and can take heat and repeated brushing - on supermodels and non-supermodels alike.

does it all hairspray

We hated smuggling hairsprays in from Europe, so we invented this.

  • The ultimate session working spray - it gives light hold, subtle degrees of control, helps hair respond to heat tools and gives grip for easier styling.

holding spray

Great overall styling tool.

  • Mist this onto a finished style to hold shape and tame strays - it offers fairly firm (yet flexible, workable, brushable) control.
classic hairspray

It's not your grandmother's hairspray, but she's guaranteed to love it.

  • A modern rendition of traditional hairspray, with strong hold, a subtle sheen that brushes out like a breeze.

Dermalogica: Our Top 3 Best Selling Facial Products!


Dermalogica Facial Products:

Our Top 3 Best SELLERS

1.) Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm:
      ~Powerful firming complex helps combat lines around the delicate eye area. Antioxidant Vitamins C and E help improve elasticity and scavenge, free radicals, while silicones shield vulnerable skin, acting as a protective barrier against futher assault.

~Unique botanical extracts help firm smooth skin, texture, and help minimize the appearance of fine lines. Makes a great makeup prep, prior to concealer application.

2.) Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant:
     ~Thermal skin exfoliant infuses skin with age-fighting ingredients. This powerful skin polisher combines physical and chemical exfoliants to refine skin texture and enhance vitamin delivery.

~Resurfacing microgranules gently polish off dead skin skills, to reveal smoother, fresher skin immediately.

~Unique thermal techonlogy activates upon contact with water to stimulate sloughing lactic acid. silic acid and retinol. Skin feels and looks dramatically improved and smoother. 

3.) Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair (Includes Buffer Cream):
 ~Concentrated customizeable nighttime retinol treatment cream. Accelerates skin renewal and reduces the appearance of skin-aging. ACtive .5% encapsulated pure retinol helps increase collagen production and cell turnover.

~Powerful peptides and antioxidant Vitamin C help reduce uneven skin tone and discoloration.

~Formulated with a clincally-proven bioenergized Copper amino acid complex shown to reduce visible wrinkles and improve the skin firmness. Cermaides and active Polysaccharides hydrate and prevent water loss in the skin, helping soften fine lines.



Color Wow Root Touchup

Color Wow is a root touch-up powder to cover gray hair and or those roots! It comes in a small compact set, perfect to throw into your makeup bag or purse. It works instantly and is a great fix for in-between your hair color appointments.  It is made from a natural oil, non-waxy, mineral based formula that will look and match your hair texture perfectly, while adding the color to completely cover your new growth.

The Process: Style hair as usual and apply Root Cover Up to any gray hair using the enclosed brush. Root Cover Up can even be used on dark roots that appear in highlighted or bleached hair. Brush light shades over dark roots, immediately brightening the area so it blends naturally with the color-treated hair.

Sold at Salon Envy!



Salon Envy Featured in Sophisticates Hairstyle Magazine

Salon Envy is excited to announce that we were featured in Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide for this October 2015 issue! We were listed under their exclusive salon guide for salons in the US! Check us out! 

Sombre & Ombre: Fall 2015

Sombre & Ombre: Fall 2015

S'Ombre hair color is 'subtle ombre'. Ombre hair color where the transition from dark to light is natural and a slight color difference. Ombre is where the transition from dark to light hair color is more dramatic.
For Fall 2015, the more natural looking hair color, the better. Balayage Hair color is huge for S'Ombre or O'mbre. Balayage hair color is where the color is painted on to create a natural, graduated transition. O'mbre and S'Ombre hair color is doing using the balayage hair painting technique.



P.S. Don't let the length of your hair stop you! Balayage Ombre can be done on any hair length!you! Balayage Ombre can be done on any hair length!

Top Benefits for Waxing Your Sweet Spot


Why Should you Wax Your Sweet Spot? :)

1. Clean, Sexy, Smooth skin for WEEKS.
      This means no daily maintenance. Waxing can last 4-7 weeks. Leaving silky, smooth skin around your sweet spot. Whether you get a brazilian wax, (what our esteticians are known for), an in-betweenie wax, or a bikini wax,  you'll stay smooth for weeks. Waxing pulls hair from the root, eliminating the black stubble that a razor leaves on the skin.
2. Silky Skin, no razor bumps.
      You won't have to worry about razor bumps or burns... All those nasty bumps and burns come from shaving, not waxing. 

3. Thinner, less hair re-growth.
      The more you wax, the less hair that will grow. Also, hair will grow back less coarse. Fine hair is much more pleasant than thick, black coarse hair down there!

4. It is fast, effective, & convenient.
      Our esteticians usually take less than 30 minutes for a FULL brazillian. No more wasted time and energy in the shower by shaving. No more razor shopping and those little accidental cuts with new razors.

Sumptuous Summer Stylers

Take a break from the summer heat by giving your blow dryer a rest, without compromising your style. Bumble and bumble’s Bb. Don’t blow it can help you achieve your best air dried hair. This first-of-its-kind crème enhances hairs natural texture and adds bounce. Specially formulate with prickly pear and cactus flower extracts to keep your hair soft and hydrated. It also contains UVA and UVB filters to protect your tresses from the harsh summer sun! It’s your hair with an added boost that vanishes into the strands without a trace of product. This new styler is exclusively at Salon Envy Chicago and is great for fine to medium hair types. Check out all the ways to use the new Bb. Don’t Blow it (H)air Styler in Salon and online!

You don’t have to live by the beach to achieve effortless beachy hair. Catch the newest wave with Bumble and bumble’s Surf Style. This line includes the foam wash shampoo and crème rinse conditioner to help set the foundation for your effortless waves, and now includes two stylers. Surf Spray is the original salt-infused spray for sexy windswept styles since 2001. It gives you texture with a matte natural finish.
The newest addition is the Surf Infusion, born on the beach where surfer girls and guys oil their hair before and after catching waves.  This spray contains a tropical mix of coconut, mango seed, passion fruit, and palm oils which conditions and softens hair. These fruit extracts along with algae extract and UV filters protects your hair as well as nourishes it. The special mineral and sea salt blend is what helps create waves and builds tousled, touchable texture and body. These products are available at Salon Envy Chicago, and are great for creating not only seabreezy texture and wind swept waves, but effortless updo’s as well.

Look VIP all day with Kérastase Volume In Powder to create either structured or tousled tresses with strong hold. This spray offers reshape-able hold which instantly provides volume and grip. Great for same day restyling without adding extra build up and protects against humidity. This invisible formula is also perfect for freshening up next day hair without oily or white residue. This versatile spray makes a great accessory for your beach bag or purse and is available in the perfect travel size. 

Top Haircut for Spring 2015: The Wavy Bob A.K.A. The WOB


The Top Haircut for Spring 2015:


The Wavy Bob A.K.A. The WOB

Wob. Hmmmm.. Sounds like mob, but with the letter "W". 
 From Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Anniston, the most famous celebrity haircuts are inspired by it; The WOB a.k.a. The Wavy Bob. This innovative word has been floating around salons all over the country as the new, HOTTEST, hair trend. 

It can be worn silky & sleek, but most of the time its worn as a sexy & textured bob. With curls or waves going every which direction and alot of volume, it gives the messy, yet elusive sexy bob.

Best Salon in Chicago Specializing in Corrective Color


Best Salon in Chicago Specializing in Corrective Color

Voted "Best Salon in Chicago" by google and city search, Salon Envy is known for color correction hair services that seem impossible to the average...

Corrective color is one of the most customized and intricate services we offer at Salon Envy. Every client requiring a color correction most likely has been through a horrific salon experience. We pride ourselves at Salon Envy for having the reputation of best salon in Chicago. We specialize in correcting the color mistakes and prior negative salon experiences by giving our clients the utmost professional, customized, corrective & POSITIVE hair experiences they've ever had! We love to "FIX" what other salons or your kitchen dye job have done to ruin your hair color!


Kerastase Conditioning Treatments Fusio Dose In-Salon Rituals


For the month of February, the best salon in Chicago "Salon Envy Chicago" is offering Kerastase In-Salon Ritual Fusio Dose Treatments for . (Normally +)

Hair Extensions: ALL Your Questions Answered


We are here to answer all of those important questions you have about HAIR EXTENSIONS! Here at Salon Envy we offer Great Lengths Cold Fusion Hair Extensions, Tony Odishio & EuroSoCap Hair Extensions. 
Hair Extensions are more popular now than they ever have been. Almost every celebrity you see in the magazines that has BEAUTIFUL hair, I hate to break it to you, is wearing hair extensions.

We put together the most common questions we get during our extension consultations and our answers. 

Do hair extensions cause damage?
Hair Extensions are a cosmetic procedure and need to be applied and maintained properly to ensure that your application will not cause damage to your hair. It is very important to listen to your extension application professional and follow instructions properly. Every client has a different need, different application, & concerns that will be addressed to make sure that there will be no damage with their hair extension application. 

(Information From Great Lengths USA Website) 

Our suggestions are:
1. Choose a long standing, high quality system of hair extensions such as Great Lengths.
2. The skill level of the stylist is crucial for a damage free hair application therefore ensure your hair stylist is a qualified hairdresser who also has been certified in the application of your chosen hair extensions. All Great Lengths extensionists have been trained and certified directly by the company who has the most rigid requirements  for certification in the industry.
3. Complete a full consultation with your extensionist to ensure you and your hair are suitable for your chosen hair extensions. All Great Lengths extensionists are trained to complete consultations for their clients and will provide this service free of charge.

4. Carefully follow the aftercare regime to properly maintain your hair extensions. Great Lengths have a range of Aftercare products available and all Great Lengths extensionists will ensure you know how to maintain your hair extensions before you leave the salon.
5. Always go back to your salon for maintenance check appointments and if you experience any problems with your hair extension. Great Lengths extensionists will check your bonds, hair and scalp and help you to resolve any problems.
6. Never remove your hair extensions yourself. Always return to the salon to have your hair extensions professionally removed. Great Lengths extensionists have all been trained to remove the hair extensions using specially developed Great Lengths removal gel or removal solution.



How long do hair extensions last? 

Hair Extensions can last up to 6 months if maintained properly with an average hair growth. This can vary depending on the clients lifestyle, speed of hair growth (if a clients hair grows very fast than less time is expected), and also how well the hair extensions are maintained. We have clients that wear hair extensions for 3-6 months. After 6 months, the average head of hair grows about 3 inches. When the hair extensions grow past 3 inches from the scalp they become hard to brush, maintain, and also hide while wearing certain hair styles.

How are the hair extensions applied? 

There are many ways to add hair extensions. Hair extensions can be clipped, glued, sewn-in, clamped with micro-links, fused with keratin bonds, attached with ultrasonic vibration (cold fusion), and taped in. Here at Salon Envy we offer customized clip-in hair extensions, thermal fusion, & ultrasonic vibration cold fusion hair extension techniques.

Great Lengths patented protein polymer bond ensures a quick and simple application with an ultrasound system. Bonds are made from synthetic keratin mimicking the molecular structure of natural keratin found in human hair and maintaining a pH value of 5.5 to be compatible with your hair, scalp, and skin.

How do I take care of hair extensions? 

Hair extensions become just like your natural hair and are very easy to maintain. That being said, there still is maintence that comes with any longer hair! With your set of Great Lengths Hair Extensions you will recieve a special brush and all of the information as to how to wash, condition, and blow-dry your hair extensions. The hair can be blow-dried, curled, flat ironed, and basically treated like your own!

Matt at Salon Envy -Euro So Cap Hair Extensions Application

Rachel at Salon Envy- Great Lengths Cold Fusion Hair Extension Application

Winter Wonderland Blondes

Walking in a Winter Wonder BLONDE-land......

The winter months are here and if you are wondering what to do with your blonde hair color, let our stylists help you with their TOP three tips! 

1. Go MORE Natural with a LOW-LIGHT.

During the winter months, the sun isn't as close to the earth and we don't spend as much time in the sun. Naturally our hair color gets darker because we are not out allowing that hot sunshine to bleach it out. Let this reflect in your hair color by adding a more natural blonde low-light or color that is similar to your natural color.  

2. Add a heavier highlight color around the face.

Adding a little big more of a thicker highlight around your face only will brighten you up without washing you out.  Skip the very bright blonde everywhere until the weather breaks. Leave the color on top a little darker by highlighting LESS and as mentioned in #1 adding those low-lights.

3. Tone it DOWN.

Ask your stylist about what color you could tone down with that would flatter your skin and eye color. Everyone has a different eye color and skin tone so leave this up to the professional to formulate the best color to tone your blondes down. This will add a shiney gloss while taking the "white" out of your blonde through these winter months..

A New Break Through For BLONDES, OLAPLEX Bond Multiplier

Salon Envy in Chicago is excited to introduce Olaplex to you! A new add on to your color service.

From Balayage to Ombre... Olaplex is a new BREAKTHROUGH for hair coloring because it allows us to color our clients hair WITHOUT the damage. Olaplex keeps the integrity of your hair

The Olaplex Blonde Multiplier that links the bonds normally broken during color services making them stronger than they were before. Not only will you not have to worry about breakage, your hair will feel healthier!

Call us today for a color appointment, and your hair will thank you!

Fall Into Great Skin


powerbright trx

Brighter skin, without compromise. Get uneven skin tone under control,.

Fall is here and our skin is most likely damaged from the spring and summer months of SUNSHINE! "Fall" into great skin this year with Dermalogicas new product line "Power Bright TRX".

The product was developed to help BANISH brown spots, uneven skin tones, and other pigment issues. There is a 3-STEP system which includes C-12 Pure Bright Serum (potent skin brightener), Pure Light SPF50 (daytime brightening treatment moisturizer) and Pure Night (overnight brightening treatment cream).



  • Helps minimize brown spots and discoloration while protecting against future pigmentation issues.
  • Brightens skin and helps clarify uneven skin tone.
  • Great for previewing PowerBright TRx™ products or continuing your regimen while traveling.

how to use

After cleansing, apply C-12 Pure Bright Serum directly to areas of uneven skin tone. Wait one minute for product absorption. Follow with Pure Light SPF50 during the day and Pure Night during the evening.

quick tip

For best results, always apply C-12 Pure Bright Serum before your moisturizer.

3 Reasons Why Waxing is Better Than Shaving

3 Reasons Why Waxing is Better Than Shaving
By: Dana (Salon Envy esthetician)


1. Body Waxing is LESS irritating to the skin than shaving.
Razors cause ridiculous INGROWN hairs and razors irritate the skin. To reduce the unwanted bumps and rashes, WAX!
2. Body Waxing lasts MUCH longer than shaving.
If you shave your body parts, you know that one little cold chill your hair will be poking through! Shaving sometimes doesn't even last a full 12 hours! Waxing will leave your body parts silky smooth for 2-6 weeks! Imagine your legs smooth for weeks, AMAZING!
3. The MORE you WAX, the LESS hair and the FINER your hair will be!
This is true ladies & gents, the LONGER you wax, the LONGER it will take your hair to grow back. The hair also grows back all at different times, verses shaving where every single hair grows back at the same time. The hair also over time will become FINER and not as COARSE.

Hair Color that is Under Cover


Hair Color that is Under Cover

Are you tired of your basic BLAH hair color?
Try some under cover COLOR!

Natural Looking Curly Hair Without Natural Curly Hair


Natural Looking Curly Hair Without Natural Curly Hair


Bantu Knots are a great way to style your hair curly, with or without natural curls. Section your hair in to several small sections while its wet and twist until the entire section is twisted up. Then secure with a rubberband or bobby pin. Dry completely. Take out, shake, & STYLE!

How To Communicate With Your Stylist


4 Tips On Communcating With Your Hair Extrodinare!



Miscommunication problems happen between stylists and clients often..... What is it about the salon? The moment you walk in its as if you cannot speak or understand the words that are coming out of your hairdressers mouth. Blunt what? Point-cut who? Dust my ends where?

I'm not sure why hairdressers speak to their guests like they've all graduated miss beauty academy and went through the salon system. Hello! We are civilians. We barely know how to get the frizz out of our own hair thats been on our head for 30+ years, let alone know how we want it cut. Thats your job lady (or gent)!!!!! But the problem happens when what you said you wanted turns into what you did NOT get.

We are going to make this super simple for you and break down the 4 most important steps to follow when communicating to your hair expert.

1.) Be HONEST! Don't lie to your stylist and act like you have those brushes, products, and TIME for that matter to style your hair. If you are a "wash and go" type of guest, then say that! If you get your hair cut once a decade, don't forget to mention that! If you do not understand our ambiguous jargon, than ask! Sometimes even we don't even know what we are talking about :)....

2.) Bring Pictures. If you know what you want or would like your hairdressers opinion on something, bring a picture. Pictures work wonders because "honey" or "ruby" to you may not mean "honey" or "ruby" to us. Make sure its realistic. If you look like madonna, don't come in with beyonce's picture in hand.

3.) Know what you DO NOT want. Okay, so maybe you don't know what you want. Thats okay. Forget the pictures! If you know some "don't wants", that can help us tremendously. I may not know about that time your hairdresser chopped your bangs and you hated them for a year straight. Let us know what you do not want and that way we will know what NOT to give you as options.

4.) Be Realistic. Like I said in number 3, do not expect us to grow your hair 10 inches and add thickness  (that is, unless your getting hair extensions). We are hair technicians not magicians! Communicating in your consultation is where we can talk about exactly what would fit you and get you closest to your dream hair as possible!

Demi-Hair Color. What's Up With It?


Demi Hair Color
It is in-between permanent and semi. It is called Demi. It will give you RICH COLORS, INCREDIBLE SHINE, & NO AMMONIA.


Hair Supplements: Do They Actually Work? Want Stronger, Shinier, Healthier Hair?


Hair Supplements:
Do They Actually Work?
Want Stronger, Shinier, Healthier Hair?
Would You Like Your Hair To Grow FASTER!?

Yes, THEY DO! Yes, they will make your hair grow faster and healthier! Vitamins & Minerals are essential to keeping your hair healthy. Are you experiencing hair loss? Weak hair? Supplement with vitamins!

The lack of biotin in the body causes hair loss, hair breakage, brittle & weakness in nails, and dry, cracked skin. So it makes sense if we give your body MORE of this, then you would get healthier, stronger, faster GROWING hair!

The best way to get biotin is naturally from our diet. But, it never hurts to supplement with a biotin vitamin. It is recommended not only to take a biotin vitamin, but to take a "HAIR, SKIN, & NAILS" vitamin. That way you get all of the essential vitamins & minerals that promote healthy, strong, and fast growing hair!

Foods that are HIGH in Biotin
Swiss chard, cauliflower, avocados, carrots, whole wheat bread, egg yolks, milk (cow & goat), cheese, most nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts), berries (rasberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries), fish (salmon & halibut)

The essential vitamins that help our hair grow faster and healthier are omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B & C, iron, folate, zinc, beta carotene (Vitamin A), protein, & selenium.

Foods that are rich in these vitamins are:
Salmon, walnuts, oysters, sweet potatoes, eggs, spinach, lentils, blueberries,  & greek yogurt.

A Woman’s Guide To the Perfect Blowout: How To Get The Salon Styled Blow-Dry

Nothing adds confidence and the pep into a lady’s step as when leaving the beauty shop with the perfect blow dry.
Unfortunately, although our stylist may make it look simple, we end up at home looking more like a disheveled mess than this run way model below.
Here are some simple tips to get your blow dry looking like you just left the salon.
Prepping your hair is very important to achieve the salon styled blowout. Make sure your hair is SUPER clean and conditioned. Wash 2x if needed and condition mid-shaft to ends. Rinse thoroughly and prep the hair with proper products. The musts are: a thermal protector, volumizing mouse or gel (to hold style), and a serum or smoothing cream (to tame frizz and moisturize dry ends). Also, if possible & you are not super frizzy, then let your hair air dry for 15-30 min before you start.
Sectioning is crucial so you do not end up with a knotty, tangled mess. Section your hair off in sections that are small enough to work through with a brush and clip them off. Start with the very top, sides, divide the back into a few sections and start with the nape (lower neck section).
#3. TOOLS.
Tools are very important. Get a round brush that is made of ceramic with bristles. This way the brush heats up and cools giving your hair body & shape. Make sure you don’t have your grandmas blow dryer from 1920. Get a updated blow dryer with new technology. A blow dryer that is updated will keep your hair healthy, shiny, and smooth. This rule applies to all hot tools: curling irons, flat irons, wands, wavers, etc..

Direction sounds simple but it is also imperative when you are working with a blow dryer. Blow the dryer in the direction your cuticle grows which is DOWN. Always keep the blow dryer pointed down. Also, if you want volume, rough dry your hair first by flipping it upside down and getting most of the water out before you start your round brushing.       
Each section should be pulled out TAUT with your round brush, while the blow dryer is pointed DOWN, and smoothed slowly down the hair shaft. Here is a video example.

Finish your blow dry with a softening, shine serum such as Kerastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide. And a light hairspray to lock in your style but not give you that “stop a bird in flight” hold such as Kerastase Couture line “Laquer Couture”.

4 Steps To STRONGER Hair

4 Steps to STRONGER Hair

Step 1.) Initialiste.
Benefits: Transform your hair in 7 days with Initialiste. Our 1st skincare-inspired super serum that acts on the four attributes of total hair beauty:
1. Strength
2. Shine
3. Softness
4. Substance
  • 9 out of 10 women* saw a visible difference in their hair texture after one week. 

    With continued usage, your hair stays healthier from root to tip allowing it to grow longer† with 93% less breakage.** The new Must-Have for all hair types.

    Maximize the potential length of your hair. Keep it longer and stronger as it grows.†

    89% agreed that their hair is SHINIER
    87% felt that their hair is thicker with MORE SUBSTANCE
    86% felt that their hair is STRONGER and SOFTER to the touch

    *Consumer use test over 7 days
    **In a brushing test compared to a non-conditioning shampoo
    †Reduces breakage so hair can grow longer

    Lightweight, silky texture Absorbs instantly without residue Fresh and delicate fragrance Targeted pipette application

 Step 2.) Trim your hair regularly.
It is VERY important to keep up with your hair cuts. It sounds so simple, but it is imperative for strong hair. The second your hair splits, the second it becomes weaker, more brittle, & prone to breakage. If you are someone that is bad at keeping up with hair cuts, PRE-BOOK your haircuts at your salon to help remind you when it is time. Here at Salon Envy Chicago we give a discount per service if you pre-book your appointments and keep the appointment. If you have to move the appointment you will still recieve the discount, just as long as you do not cancel it.
Step 3.) Turn the BLOW-DRYER down.
The heat and the power from your blow dryer will cause your hair to become weaker. Turn your blowdryers heat down and power to medium or low. If your hair dryer does not have this setting... Then get another blow dryer :)
Step 4.) Protect those LOCKS.
Thermal Protectors, Kerastase Ciment Thermique (Our Personal Favorite), work wonders of STRENGTH for hair. Protect your hair from the blow dryer and hot tools. Make sure you ALWAYS use a thermal protector.

How To Clear Up Acne, Help Improve Hyperpigmentation, & Powerfully Target Lines & Wrinkles



What is the best skin care peel to change your skin?
BioActive Peel by Dermalogica

Our esthetician Dana says, "It leaves your skin resurfaced, smoothed, brighter, & tighter". She herself had the BioActive Peel done and says it left her skin "noticeably softer & smoother, subsided her break-outsa

Dermalogicas BioActive Peel Multi-Step Approach


1.) prep.

  • -Preps skin by sloughing off epidermal cells
  • -Removes lipids that block peel penetration


2.) peel.

  • -Digests keratin protein
  • -Accelerates cellular resurfacing and renewal
  • -Stimulates collagen and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) within the dermis
  • -Increases natural ceramides


3.) neutralizes.

  • -Calms and soothes inflamed skin
  • -Restores natural pH of skin


What Are the Best Products for Dry Hair?


Dry hair? A Tangley Mess?
The best shampoo and conditioner for dry, tangled hair is Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo and Mask. We also now offer the PRE-treatment!

How Can I Keep My Red Hair From Fading? Red Hair Color FADES!



Red hair color fades. Lets face the truth. Bumble & Bumble developed a treatment called color minded that is done immediately after your hair color service. The color minded treatment prevents fading up to 40 washes! It will keep your hair color EVEN YOUR RED HAIR COLOR true to tone!

Kerastase Salon Chicago Introduces New Reformulated Nutritive Products


The newest re-formulation by Kerastase is exclusively offered at Kerastase Salons including our own, Salon Envy Chicago.

Kerastase developed a 4 step process to help treat dry hair. Kerastases philosophy is not only to make hair look & feel beautiful, but to ctually treat the hair to heal it and make the hair beautiful.

1. Pre-Treat. Immersion Nutritive. This is a pre-shampoo treatment for very dry hair. This provides moisture & smoothness onto your dry hair before you cleanse.
2. Cleanse. Bain Satin 1 & 2. Both shampoos are made for dry, sensitized hair. Sensitized hair could mean damaged from hot tools, broken, or just fried.

3.Treat. Lait Vital. This is an incredibly light, moisturizing conditioning treatment.
4. Texturize. Touche Perfection. This is the newest product offered by Kerastase. It is the first instant nourishing touch up treatment balm for dry, sensitized hair. It will instantly give you moisture without an greasy appearance or feel.

The Basic Steps of a Facial. What is included in a facial? Have you ever wanted a facial, but wasn't sure what to get?


Facials are an amazing way to feel relaxed and to take good care of your skin. They will leave your face feeling healthier, more radiant, and beautiful!


Have you ever thought of getting a facial but were not sure what steps were included? Facials are VERY important! Over 60% of people do not use the correct products for their skin type and do not take care of their face properly. Your esthetician will not only recommend which type of facial is best for your skin but will give you a professional recommondation on how to take care of your skin! They will also show you the way to the best products we carry by Dermalogica.

Here are the main STEPS of a facial appointment!
Facials are done by our licensed estheticians who have been trained in skincare, trained on our machines that help improve skin texture and tone, body waxing, and different skin and body services.
1. The Initial Consultation. We will discuss your skin type and give our best professional recommendation as to what you need for your skin. A facial's primary purpose is to keep your skin looking radiant, healthy, and fresh! It all starts by getting what is best for your own skin type.
2. Cleansing. Now this sounds so simple, yet many people do not even know how to properly cleanse their face. We make sure to give your skin a deep cleanse by washing your face and neck areas very thoroughly. Our estheticians use long smooth strokes to massage your face and neck areas. A proper cleanse is the most important part of your facial!
3.Steam. We use a profesional steamer that has very high heated steam to open up your pores on your skin and prepare them for the rest of your facial. This is the most relaxing part, I think, because it keeps you warm and it feels wonderful!
4. Exfoliation. This can be mechanical or a chemical exfoliation. We use scrubs or peels to penetrate to your skin and clean out excess dirt, oils, and other environmental factors that may be clogging your pores.
5. Extractions (if needed). Many times your skin will need extractions. These are ok to be done as long as a professional is doing it. This is wear pressure is placed on specific areas of your face to remove dirt, oils, or built in sebum that wouldn't come out during the cleansing or exfoliating.
6. Facial Mask. Certain facials we offer include deep penetrating masks. Each mask we offer is a concentrated dose of the treatment you need whether it is hydrating, clearing, firming, or calming. We place the mask on your skin and have you relax while the mask does its job.
7. At Home Maintenance Recommendations. Our staff will recommend the best facial products to maintain healthy, radiant, and beautiful skin! We do the best job to make your skin look as perfect as it possibly can, than it is up to you to maintain skincare at home!

Best Hair Extensions in Chicago at Salon Envy

Here at Salon Envy we offer only the best "Great Lengths Hair Extensions" and "Eurosocap" Hair Extensions. Michelle and myself do hair extensions here at the salon, be sure to check us out on our website at Michelle does Eurosocap and Great Lengths Hair Extensions 'the thermal method' and I do Great Lengths 'Cold Fusion' and 'the thermal method'.

Come in for a free consultation for your future dream hair today.



100% Human Hair Extensions

Great Lengths offers over 40 vibrant natural shades to precisely match the color of your own hair. Strands are available in lengths from 8 inches to 24 inches. Accommodating an individual's hair density can be achieved by converting standard bonds to create fine, extra fine and custom sizes. There are many options whether a full head lengthening, volumizing, highlighting or zonal volume application depending on your dream hair desires are!

Crazy Colors/Jewel Colors

Utilize Great Lengths crazy colors to create strong impact or subtle balance to any hair design. Choose from a colorfast spectrum of rich jewel tones, pure pigment primary and soft pastel colors.

Swarovski Crystal Strands

Apply Genuine Swarovski Crystal strands to inspire a unique statement for a wedding, special occasion or red carpet event. For a seamless blend, strands are available in clear, red and blue crystals on black, red, brown and blond threads.


3200 Thermal System

The Original. The system that has become the standard by which all other extension systems are judged has put extension services into the mainstream! This still unrivaled system produces results simply not possible with any other system. The Great Lengths 3200 applicator tong is heated on one side. The temperature, which is approximately the same temperature as the lowest setting on a standard curling iron, is used to soften the Great Lengths bond so it can be molded to your natural hair. Unlike other systems, where glue guns and wax melting pots are used, the 3200 applicator allows for a very clean and precise application. The result is undetectable attachments that are brushable, durable and, most importantly, non-damaging to your natural strands.

Click here for the video































Ultrasonic 5000

The Next Level. The Great Lengths Ultrasonic 5000 – Cold Fusion technology uses no heat. Whereas the original Great Lengths 3200 Thermal method utilizes heat to soften the bond so the bond can be molded around the group of natural strands that the bond is attaching to, the Ultrasonic 5000 Cold Fusion method utilizes ultrasonic wave. This wave or “vibration” action generates heat within the bond and this allows the bond to surround each individual strand within the group of natural strands the bond is being attached to. This added bonding security allows the stylist to mold the bond attachments into “flat” bond formation without compromising the bond “seal” to the client’s hair. Of course, traditional “round” bond formations with the Ultrasonic 5000 are possible too. This gives the stylist more application options to truly customize their Great Lengths Services to each client’s specific need and desired result.


Classic Line Hair Extension With Keratin Bonding

Classic Line Hair Extensions With Keratin Bonding

Single Drawn System

Research and innovation are a priority for Euro So.Cap. Following these dictates, the company has created its most renown Hair Extension Line: Classic Line.

This line utilizes 100% natural hair, gained directly from the cut of the typical Indian plait. This system is characterized by hair of different lengths inside the same lock, giving it a natural pointed shape. Such a structure respects the hair's naturalness and enable a natural extension, with no need to interfere with aimed cuts. That is why it was named Classic Line. The Classic Line is available in all colors of the Euro So.Cap. color chart and in two different sizes:16/18 in, 20/22 in

Help! My hair won't grow!

We seem to run into this problem a lot with clients. Everyone wants that long beautiful hair but no one knows where to start!
Tip #1: PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE! You can’t get Rapunzel length hair in a day.

long hair don't care

One of the most important things to keep in mind, though is to trim your ends regularly - we suggest at least every 8-10 weeks.
(You don’t have to get inches off every time, you can come in for a dusting. Not only does this help keep your ends from being dried out or splitting, it also helps keep shape and style in your hair.)

Something many people, including our stylists say help is taking a multivitamin. Not only is this important for your general health in so many ways, it contributes to your hair health, too! For an extra boost, taking biotin will also help your hair grow faster.

After making all of the above steps part of your regular routine, one of the first places to start when trying to grow your hair out is your scalp. Hair health and beauty starts with the scalp - don't forget to take care of it! You can get a shampoo specifically for scalp health that will stimulate growth. We love this Kérastase Bain Stimuliste shampoo!

Bain Stimulus GL pic

This Kérastase 3 step system is fabulous and has so many great benefits; it increases the fullness of hair, thickens, and enhances density!
3 Step Thinning Hair System pic

Lastly, this Kérastase Initialiste Serum acts on the four attributes of total hair beauty:
1. Shine
2. Strength
3. Softness
4. Substance

This product maintains the health of your hair from root to tip, allowing it to grow faster and healthier.
Initialise serum

Stop in and check out these products and while you're here, ask our stylists for tips specific to your hair - they would love to help.

Giving that extra bit of love to your hair goes a long way, so make the time for it!


4 Ways to Help Repair and Prevent Split Ends

Preventing and repairing those annoying split ends is SO important to help grow your hair long as well as maintain a beautiful, healthy look for your hair! There are many ways to prevent split ends and keep your hair beautiful!

1. ALWAYS apply a heat protectant. After you get out of the shower, Kérastase’s Ciment Thermique should be applied to your wet hair.


** If you go more than two days between washing your hair, you need to reapply a heat protectant, because after a while the original you used on your wet hair wears off. There are heat protectants to use on dry hair - one of our favorites is Redken Iron Shape 11 Finishing Thermal Spray.


2. Applying a mask once a week is so important and a huge help to your hair in so many ways. We LOVE the masques from Kérastase. They help moisturize and repair your hair. Ask your stylist which one is best for your hair.


3. Next time you’re in the salon, ask your stylist about Kérastase’s hair treatments – Fusio Dose. They are in-salon treatments that should be done every visit to keep hair healthy. There are four different kinds for various needs and hair types - moisture, color, volume and repair. Your stylist can give you a consultation and help you figure out which one is best for you.


4. Of course one of our last pieces of advice to prevent/repair split ends is to get a trim! Because your hair naturally goes through so much wear and tear on a regular basis, getting a hair trim every 6-8 weeks will help the hair grow and keep your ends fresh.

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How often should I shampoo my hair?

Our stylists get this question all the time, and there really is no clear textbook answer for everyone. Everyone’s hair is different and requires different kinds of care. We CAN give you some awesome tips, though.

Most people don’t know that when you wash your hair everyday you actually produce more oil on your hair because your body produces extra oils to make up for what the shampoo has taken out. Therefore, Correne (one of our fabulous stylists) recommends to shampoo every other day at the most. If that is not an option for you and you feel that you need to wash everyday, we recommend just shampooing the scalp – the ends of your hair do not need to be washed everyday. This way, the oils at the top are being washed out while the ends are not being dried out too much.

If you do go multiple days between shampoos, but just need a quick fix to get rid of the oily look, we love Bumble & Bumble’s hair powder. Choose the one that most closely matches your hair color and use for a dry cleanse to absorb the oil on your roots.


* Everyone’s hair is different, so always consult your stylist about the proper shampoo and conditioning products to use, and adjust your hair care routine as you see fit.

Surf's UP! Introducing Bumble & Bumble's Surf Foam Wash Shampoo & Creme Rinse Conditioner


Hello, Warm Weather! With temperatures finally reaching the high 70’s this week, Chicago is eagerly anticipating summertime fun. Which means beach volleyball, beach running, and not to mention beach hair. Bumble & Bumble, with their classic essential Surf Spray, is launching their new Surf Foam Wash Shampoo & Creme Rinse Conditioner this week in select salons in Chicago.

This hydrating combo gives seabreezy movement and full sexy body. Just a word of advice from our fabulous staff (who love love this), they should be used together since the shampoo enhances the natural texture of the hair and the conditioner is lightweight enough not to weight down the texture the shampoo has deposited.

One last thing, this is for those who have color treated hair. This instantly cult status set is mild enough to use but won't able to provide any protection to the color. So now that you are all warned, come in and get your own set this week before they're gone.


Building the community!

Big tousled waves. Sleek and shiny pin straight hair. Luminously rich color with intriguing highlights.

We are passionate about gorgeous hair and think every woman should have it. We wanted to share the newest trends we are following and our iconic inspirations.

So we are building a community with a brand new Pinterest page, Twitter, and Facebook. So come join us and share what hair obsessions you have.

Pinterest: salonenvychi

Twitter: @salonenvy



Oscar's Hair Rules - 2013


Oscar's Hair Rules!

With an estimated 40 Million American's and almost 100 Million people World-Wide watching the 83rd Annual Academy Awards (aka "the Oscar's") hair was on everyone mind, and this year's spectacular offering did not disappoint!

Jessica Chastain and Reese Witherspoon channel Old Hollywood style with blown-out and iron-set waves that flow and bounce - simply stunning!

And all eyes were on beautiful up-styles too. Technically amazing, these do's dazzled.

Naomi Watts and Christine Teigan are walking works of art with up-styles that are re-engineered and re-imagined as only today's stylists can.

And breakout phenom Jennifer Lawrence also opted for a style that was simply perfect, pulled loosely up and back which showed off her highlights and multi-sized jewels.

And who can forget the brave ones! Actors who don't need long locks to prove anything... they're serving short, choppy crops that emphasize their beautiful facial features.

Charlize Theron took the plunge for her role in the upcoming remake of Mad Max and deserved her own award for pulling off this short-shorter-shortest look. Anne Hathaway had the haircut for, and during, the filming of Les Miserables.




ELIXIR ULTIME Sublime Cleansing Oil-Enriched Shampoo

Our most exquisite Bain and Masque are enriched with a high concentration of sublime oils, to leave hair feeling luxuriously nourished with a lustrous-looking shine. An exceptional haircare ritual.

Benefits: Hair feels rich to the touch, luxuriously soft and infused with splendour.

Application: Apply to wet hair. Massage in, rinse thoroughly.

Technology: Oleo-Complexe: a combination of four precious oils:

Pracaxi, Argan, Camelia, Maize
Leaves hair feeling luxuriously nourished and soft to the touch.


SHINE, BABY, SHINE!!! How do I get my hair to have more SHINE? My hair is DULL, how to add shine to my hair?

SHINY SHINE SHINE. How to get my hair shiny? How come my hair is so dull? Is there a product I can use to help with shine? Is there at treatment I can do at the salon to make my hair more shiny?

Shiny hair is youthful hair. I tell clients this daily. Young, healthy, beautiful, and soft! This is the hair we all dream of... There are so many ways to get our hair healthy and shiny.

First and foremost, your diet needs to be HEALTHY, with plenty of vitamins and minerals, and you need to have enough WATER throughout your day. This will keep your body hydrated and healthy, both are important factors in SHINY HAIR!

Second, your at home hair regime. I am going to go through my FAVORITE at home shampoos, conditioners, & styling products you can use to make your hair shiny.

Kerastase and Bumble and Bumble both carry amazing hair treatments and products that were specifically designed to help INCREASE your shine!

My two favorite shampoos & conditioners are by Kerastase and are called Chroma Captive or Chroma Riche. Both are GREAT for color-treated hair and smell fabulous. They are packed with extra benefits to make your hair have a REFLECTIVE SHINE. They features Linseed Oil, which is proven to reduce color fading by 33% to 50% (instrumental testing). Before your blow dry use a pump or two of Elixir Ultime Smoothing Serum through your midshaft to ends (or the Elixir by Kerastase that was prescribed for you by your stylist). Then finish with Chroma Cristal Shine Spray. Its an incredibly lightweight shine mist for color treated hair. Chroma Cristal has an ultra fine diffusion for a weightless feel and incredible shine!!!!

Kerastase also has a finishing product called "HUILE CELESTE" which is a protective shine spray. This was developed as a part of there UVA/UVB protective line. This is a glamorous sun care essential for intense protection and infinite shine. The bottle itself contains very fine gold glitter specks that when sprayed throughout the hair give it the bomb shine!


Bumble & Bumble Let it SHINE on Shampoo, and for high shine, follow with Let it Shine Conditioner and Shine On (and on) Finishing Spray.

The Shine family is excellent for all hair types and compatible with color-treated hair. This is a clear-as-day, sunflower-powered cleanser that enhances natural shine. This simple (but not standard) shampoo helps dissolve dulling residue and preserve natural oils to let hair positively sparkle.

Third, in your SALON! Salon Envy offers two treatments that are specifically for shine and both take only a FEW minutes! Both are AMAZING and quick add-on treatments that will give your dull hair ultimately shine.

~One is a Kerastase IN-SALON ritual shine conditioning treatment. The treatments last about 4 weeks and will last longer if you shampoo and condition your hair at home with the take home products recommended for your shine treatment.


~Second is our Redken CLEAR Gloss treatment! This is a gloss treatment we put over your natural color or color treated hair to give your hair ultimate shine! The hair gloss lasts about 4 to 6 weeks.


Salon Envy Janurary/February Referral Special!!!!!!!



If you refer a friend in January or February YOUR FRIEND will receive 50% off of their first salon or spa service and YOU will receive 50% off of your next service!!!!!!!! Must request the same service provider to receive 50% off.

As of January 1st, 2013, Salon Envy will no longer be offering nail services.

We appreciate your business and thank you for your continued patronage!




St. Patricks Day SPECIALS!!!!!!!!!!

20% OFF ALL SERVICES * New Clients Only! TODAY ONLY!






For all of our loyal clients at Salon Envy recieve

****10%**** off of your next color appointment!!!!!

The following are good for the entire month of March...

Purchase 3 microdermabrasion sessions for 0 (a 6 Value)
or Purchase 6 microdermabrasion sessions for 6 (a 7 Value)

Your skin will feel smooth, tight, and super clean after this amazing exfoliation treatment.

Rejuvenate your eyes!!!!! Tighten & Brighten the skin around your eyes and also get an eyebrow WAX for (a Value).

Brighten up your look with a few highlights just around your face :)
$ per foil :)
Ask your stylist about 'face framing highlights'.

Here are some cute pictures of some ladies with the 'face framing' HIGHLIGHTS!


I had to put Kathryn Hahn on here because she was on JAY LENO last night and I couldn't get over how pretty her color looked. She has a golden brown all over hair color with golden blonde highlights just around her face.




Face framing highlights are not just for long hair, they work in short hair too! These thinly sliced blonde highlights soften her look and add some dimension around her face. They're perfect for spring time as the weather warms up and they will make your skin color more flattering by lightening your look.





Lauren Conrad's color is similar to the first picture except she has highlights framing the face and none by her part. This type of face framing hightlight is great for people who want a highlight or some dimension but hate the matienence. When your natural color grows in you will not see the difference of highlight to your root by your part. Its perfect for the type of woman who doesn't want to get colored often.




Kim Kardashian also has a face framing highlight with her deep brown hair color just to soft her look and bring her honey brown eye color out. It is just a softer brown around her face. I love this. Subtle and stylish.

New Kerastase Product: SPARKLING like crystal, WEIGHTLESS as light, the BEST kept secret for LONG HAIR by Kerastase Paris


Ultimate Shine Breakthrough: Kerastase CRISTALLISTE

Hair turns into true light matter with a smooth and sleek featherweight finish.

Who is this for?

The "IT GIRL" :) She's young, with long natural looking hair. She wants a FRESH look, with a pure, airy feeling and vibrant glow.

The NEW ultimate Kerastase symbol of feminity. Of course anyone can use this luxurious line of Kerastase Cristalliste products but it is targeted towards the long-hair young women because of the high hormonal activity and the constant running hands through her long hair. This Kerastase shampoo and conditioner helps with the oily scalp and dry long length ends, leaving the hair purified at the root and moisturized, smoothed, and polished at the ends. Long hair fiber is uneven through the length and this oil solubilization system enhances natural glow and shimmer.




Ciment Thermique by Kerastase is our featured product of the month. It will be 20% off through the month of March!!!!!

Bebe says she loves this kerastase product beacuse it's a "one stop shop" . She loves that it not only has protective agents for your blowdry, but also protects the hair if you flat iron or curl. It is her favorite at home, leave-in treatment because it is made to strengthen weakened hair. Most color treated hair, especially highlighted hair, needs additional reconstructive and protective qualities. This Kerastase Thermique D O E S I T ALLLLL!!!


Celeb Secrets for Combatting Dry and Damaged Hair


Anyone else out there suffering from lackluster locks? During the winter our hair usually tends to dry out and with all the heat styling, it looks a little less than lovely. So how do we repair the damage and get tresses as terrific as celebs like Zooey Deschanel, Nina Dobrev and all the ladies from theKardashian klan?

We could get all scientific and discuss hair structure and pH, however, we're just going to focus on some simple tips and tricks from the ladies whose locks we love the most. Let's start with Zooey. The New Girl actress uses Kerastase shampoo and sticks with silicone-based styling products. A great shampoo option from the line is Kerastase Bain Oleo-Relax. It's a mild formulation that will simply clean (not strip) our delicate strands.

Nina Dobrev keeps her tresses looking sleek by only shampooing three times a week. Also, according to InStyle, she rotates in one of three different treatment masks after every third washing. Her products of choice include a keratin treatment, a formulation by Unite and aMoroccanOil hair mask. Nina explained, "Sometimes I put the hair mask on and a shower cap on top and drive to work."

Former StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor Kourtney Kardashian takes a natural approach to maintaining healthy tresses. She makes an effort to use all-natural products and tries to switch up her shampoo and conditioner. She also gave us a secret hair mask recipe which she mixes up once a month. The concoction includes avocado, mayonnaise, egg, olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil. In addition, Kourtney ingests a teaspoon of clarified butter every morning, which she claims has been great for her hair.

The 2012 Red Carpet Oscar Awards BEST Hair and Makeup

The classiest award show of them all, the Oscars! Last night, I was amazed at the trending hairstyles from bangs, to buns, braids (still!) and beautiful makeup the celebrities wore as strutting down the famous red carpet for the 2012 Academy Awards.

First the baby blunt bangs on Rooney Mara were adorable. I love these because they are so different and scream confidence. Rarely, will you see this classic bang style in hollywood. It has that 20s/30s vibe mixed with 2012's tight bun. J. Lo's trendy high bun has been hot the past year and she wears it perfect. Her hair is slick smooth not one bump in that pony and then her big round bun on top of her head. I hated it at first but it has grew on me and is now one of my favs.

This last picture bottom right and shown below is Stacy Keibler (Clooneys girlfriend) who sports the side-do perfectly. Her dress was stunning. I loved the rouching in her gown that was designed into a flower at the side of her waist and the super trendy metallic color. I loved how her hair-do looked as simple as if she pushed her hair to one side, but from the back you see it is a pretty twist.











I love her red lipstick and stunning gown. Milla Jovovich has the classic glamourous wavy updo. C'est Beautiful!!!!!!!!


Michelle Williams wears short hair well. I love this short haircut it is so adorable and low maintenance! I can't wait to see her as Marilyn it is on my list of "to-do"s!!!! She was a doll with her matching lipstick, blonde hair, and colorful gown.



I do not like bashing celebrities, especially since the media takes great care of that. I was thinking the entire award show, "what is the media going to bash tomorrow"... I couldn't figure it out. BUT!!!! I knew once I saw her posing exactly what they would do. She stuck her leg out of her dress slit constantly, while she announced awards and also to pose for the pictures. Why did she do that hip strut and leg stick out? Besides her awkward poses, her hair looked stunning lighter, softer highlighted brown color, blown out to perfection and her makeup was flawless.

Shailene woodley pictured above was so pretty with her 'high-bun' that is hotter than ever! She looked classy and so pretty with her ivory dress and hair tied in a sleek bun.











Octavia spencer looked stunning in her beaded gown and dangle earrings. I loved her in the help and was so happy that the movie was awarded Sunday night.





The academy awards gives these actresses and actors a chance to shine with a little of their own personalities since they are constantly acting out other people. The show was amazing and the hair, makeup, and dress was phenomenal.





My HAIR color FADES!!!! How can I prevent my hair color from fading?


I have heard it over and over from clients, of every hair color, that their color fades and clients everywhere are asking.... "HOW CAN I STOP MY HAIR COLOR FROM FADING!!!" When you walk out of the salon your color is beautiful & vibrant, then by the time you come in for your next service your color looks so blasé!!!

Whether youre a brunette, blonde, redhead, or a mixture of all these, any hair color can suffer from fadage. I am going to answer the why, who, what, where, and whens of color fading and how to help it.

I have some simple solutions and tips to help.

First lets start with what is causing these issues.....

Environment. The Sun, first and foremost, is our biggest opponent in this battle to keep hair color fresh. The sun bleaches EVERYTHING, even your hair color! And YES, even in the winter, the sun is out. Walking to the "L" without any protection on your hair is considered 'sun-exposure'. This sun-exposure is what plays a huge role in our hair color fading problem. Also, the air is filled with pollutants, especially in Chicago, because we are a huge city and the air is not the fresh as the green pastures/rolling hills of the countryside. Think of when you first wash your car it looks beautiful, clean, and shiny, right? Then we drive around all day and once we're home, if you were to swipe your car with your finger it would be filled with dust and dirt! This is what happens to our hair as well these pollutants and chemicals and the dirty environment can effect our hair texture which in turn can fade our hair color.

We have a few prodcuts at SALON ENVY to help with the UVA/UVB rays that effect our hair color. It is by Kerastase and there a few different types but one is a spray that you spritz on before you blow dry your hair. This is an awesome protectant against those harmful rays that are ruining our color. They also make UV protectant shampoo and conditioner within this line. "It gently cleanses and helps repair the hair fiber that has been exposed to environmental aggressions. This light, balancing cleanser provides hair with easy detangling and long-lasting softness, while preserving color radiance."- Says

Water. The water we wash with effects our hair color. Tap water is full of different chemicals and minerals that are unhealthy to consume and also unhealthy for our hair. The cholrine is very strong and cholrine is very harsh on the hair cuticle. Also these chemicals that are on the hair to begin with before your color service may effect how the color takes. I recommend "SUNDAY SHAMPOO" from bumble & bumble to rid your hair of these minerals and chemicals before you get your hair colored. You can use this the day before your color service, shampoo twice, which will help remove some mineral build up on the hair shaft. It is a great detox from our hair products, those harsh minerals and chemicals, and also any other build up & pollutants from the environment.
ALSO!!! The temperature of our water effects color life. Hot water opens the hair cuticle and makes the hair color fade out faster. Try to use as cool as you can water. The cooler the better! Cooler water also helps with shine and makes the hair feel silkier by closing the cuticle and sealing the conditioner.

Cleansers. The shampoo we wash with will either help your hair color life or ruin it! Shampoo and conditioners are SOOOOOOOO important! Alot of shampoos and conditioners contain salts and sulfates and will fade our hair color. We spend all that $money$ on our hair to get it colored then we shampoo our money down the drain with stripping products. Talk to your stylist about what you are using if you experience fading. I will go into detail later about a line we carry at SALON ENVY by bumble & bumble to help your color, especially since they are 30% off right now and if you're like me, love to bargain shop. :)

Heat Styling. Heat styling + color treated hair = color fadage. This doesn't mean you can't heat style.... It just means use a thermal protecter BEFORE you heat style. Heat styling includes everything but not limited to.....blowdrying, using a curling iron, flat iron, & hot rollers. Kerastase makes awesome thermal protectative products called "thermiques". There is one for each type of hair, normal-dry, very dry, color treated, color damaged, fine-thin hair, and coarse-curling hair (see below). Ask your stylist for which one fits you best.


Porous Hair. Color treated + heat styling= porous, highighted hair=porous, over -processed hair color=porous. Porous basically means opened cuticle. The hair cuticle is opened more than average and won't take hair color normal because of this. This type of hair also will fade on ends and typically feel dry and damaged. Porous hair splits more often than normal hair and can have some breakage. This needs to be addressed by your stylist and will start with caring for your hair with shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to help rebuild and soften your damaged hair cuticle.

The BEST (in-between color services) help out there for fading is, as I mentioned above, the color support shampoos and conditioners by Bumble & Bumble.


30% OFF ALL of our BUMBLE & BUMBLE color support shampoos and conditioners.

Color Support Shampoo must be used with the conditioner. It is formulated without moisturizers that coat hair and hinder color absorption, leaving hair without the softness we've become accustomed to. For the same reason, avoid using any other shampoo before using Color Support Conditioner, as it may leave a barrier that will render color-enhancing properties ineffective.

Who: Anyone who colors their hair.
When: Use every second washing.
How: Wet hair, lather shampoo in palms, massage through and rinse thoroughly. Follow with Color Support Conditioner.


Moisture, shine, strength, fade prevention, color balance. Keep the warm glow of summery tones (and sunny highlights) golden.

For Golden Blondes: Keep the warm glow of summery tones golden - this low pH, extra-mild formula avoids stripping, neutralizes oxidation, smoothes the cuticle & subtly enhances color.

Jennifer Anisten has golden blonde highlights and low lights. She is a great example of the hair color that would use this shampoo to keep her color over all looking beautiful and a soft golden blonde color.





Mild cleanse, shine, strength, fade-prevention, color balance. Keep blonde bombshells to silver foxes cool (not gold or brassy).

Keep blonde bombshells to silver foxes cool - this low pH, extra-mild formula avoid stripping, neutralizes oxidation, smoothes the cuticle & subtly enhances color.



Victoria Beckham has a cool blonde color. This shampoo is awesome for platinumb blondes to keep all yellow and unwanted golden tones out.


Mild cleanse, shine, strength, fade-prevention, color balance. Keep spicy highlights and warm, woody tones from cooling down.

Keep spicy highlights & woody tones from cooling - this low pH, extra-mild formula avoids stripping, neutralizes oxidation, smoothes the cuticle & subtly enhances color.

Jessica Alba is a great example for a warm brunette color. It can be lighter like hers, or even a darker brunette with some warm hughes.






Mild cleanse, shine, strength, fade-prevention, color balance. Avoid that gradual reddening (its maddening!)

Avoid that gradual reddening (it's maddening!) - this low pH, extra-mild formula avoids stripping, neutralizes oxidation, smoothes cuticles & subtly enhances color.


Megan Fox is a great example of a cool brunette. She is dark and doesn't have warm tones in her hair. Kim Kardashian is another celebrity that keeps her hair dark and this shampoo will keep the warm tones out and keep your color looking dark and rich.





Mild cleanse, shine, strength, fade-prevention, color balance. Help both orange and blue-based hues stay true (of all the tones, red fades fastest).

Help orange and blue-based hues stay true - this low pH, extra-mild formula avoids stripping, neutralizes oxidation, smoothes the cuticle & subtly enhances color.


Julia Roberts is a great example of a redhead that would use this shampoo. It will keep her red looking VIBRANT and SHINY!





Sharon Osbourne is another celebrity with red hair I wanted to show because her red is a BLUE red and the picture above is a Orange red. The red shampoo by Bumble & Bumble works for either type of red head keeping your color perfectly RED!

Sweetheart Braid



Love is still in the AIR or should I say HAIR

for this weekend....

Hair Dresser On Fire Tutorial on "Sweetheart Braid," by Reagan Breinholt from Jacob Breinholt on Vimeo.

Reposted by Hairdresser On Fire


Valentines Day: Romantic Do's


HAIR! Its all about the hair! Valentines day is almost here and for all of you ladies that make your hair a priority here are a few simple and flirty do's. This winter season on almost every runway you will see one of these four styles. They are simple, girly, and perfect for Valentines. Flirty loose braids, half up with a middle part, a classy pony, or the high bun (which has been trending everywhere for formal wear and weddings). Whether you have a movie date with your honey or going all out with your glamourous outfit and makeup, here are a few ideas that we can replicate for you at @salonenvychicago or with a few of our styling aids, taking on the challenge at home....


1. The ponytail.

The ponytail can be worn in so many ways. Megan Fox wears her pony sleek and classicly simple. This simple up-do will highlight your face and bring more attention to your outfit. It is perfect for the ladies with an oblong or oval face shape. If you want to fancy-it-up, add a few curls with your iron like the picture on the right and do a pony-wrap. The wraps are all over the magazines right now they are hot! hot! hot!

Take a piece of your hair from the bottom of your pony tail and wrap it around until there is about an inch and a half end left over and double bobby it underneath. (put one bobby in and then make a criss cross it to lock it in for the night)     2. The HIGH bun. It was huge during fashion week and we are replicating it constantly. This is super formal BUT can also be dressed down with some "fall-out" pieces or some messy-ness. Put your hair in a sleek tight pony first. Then tease your hair in your pony tail and lightly brush out the perimeter and spin around creating the bun. Use a few bobbies all around to tuck in loose ends.

Use about 4 sprays of Kerastase Chroma Crystal shine spray to polish the look and there you go.

The high fashion high bun.

        (3)TROIS. Flirty French Braids. Braids are EVERYWHERE! She wears it so well with a teased and tossled top, a few "fell-out" pieces, and a loose braid to the ends. Tease your hair on top in sections and a little on the sides. Next, spray 8-10 inches away with hairspray like ...... Kerastase Double Force. It sprays with a fine mist, has strengthening agents for weak hair, and will hold all night. Use your fingers to comb through and add a French or loose braid all the way to your ends. Voila!    

4. Half up. A classic middle part with two small braids or twists back that meet in the center. Take both sides and secure together with a bobby. This is adorable on ladies with short hair too! Spray with Kerastase Double Force (as mentioned above) and use your 1 1/2 curling iron or hot rollers through the ends. Once curled, lightly brush out the curls to get soft waves that are natural and pretty. You can dress it up with a flower or decorated bobby pin.









<3 Salon Envy


Welcome to Salon Envy's BLOG!





Busy. People here in Chicago are busy. So let’s escape, lets surround ourselves with positivity & an atmosphere that is relaxing, friendly, and chic.

It will start with what most of us would call our “lifeline”, the phone. Your first encounter with Salon Envy is typically a call to one of our friendly, UPBEAT, and professional receptionists. Jen, Jenny, or Nancy- all in which are the ‘neck’ of our salon. They run the front desk and are typically the first impression anyone has with their salon experience. We love them for their personable personalities, smiles, and attitudes that shine.

  Upon entrance, our salon in not one bit of blasé. The décor is trendy &neutral. From the outside looking in you will see our logo on a large brown awning and we window face most of our products so the strolling Chicagoans see what we represent. We carry the full lines of Kerastase, Redken, and Bumble & Bumble. We also carry spa products by Dermalogica, up-to-date polishes from OPI and Essie, along with some other unique accessories.   Your beverages of choice include hot custom flavored coffee, dispensed water, a few varieties of tea, Coke & Coke Zero with the choice of a glass, a porcelain mug, or straight from the can J. When our hair designers, estheticians, or nail artists greet you, it will always be with a warm smile and a hello. They will take you to your designated area and begin your salon and spa appointment. We pride ourselves on listening to the clients’ needs and then catering to them. Salon owner and stylist, Susan, opened the salon in 2006. She opened with the premise of having a Salon that guests 'felt comfortable to come to, where they received the service they deserve, and the style they wanted'. The foundation was laid and has solidified, keeping the reputation for an amazing hair salon and spa that caters to the client. Her passion for the industry & desire to build a strong team, along with making clients feel confident and look wonderful has kept the salon thriving and innovative. Each stylist here at Salon Envy was “cherry picked” to make up our hard working and talented team. Salon envy was named “best of city search” for salons in Chicago and has great reviews through most of the web. Bumble and Bumble, Vidal Sassoon, TIGI, and Redken are just a few of the educational systems that our stylists have learned from and continue to grow within. Our staff is talented and knowledgeable without the attitude. We stay on top of education and trends within the industry. We offer FREE consultations for hair services and hair extensions. Check out our hair extensions at Our stylists are trained in precision cutting, hair coloring, and many types of human hair extensions. We also offer hair texture services such as Brazilian and Bumble Straight as anti-frizz treatments, perms, and top of the line conditioning treatments, including Kerastase and Redken. Our spa does a variety of facials, full body waxing, facial peels, eyelash extensions and mircodermabrasion services.   Our nail artists offer fabulous classic, spa manicures and pedicures, including the new “NO-CHIP” manicure. We carry three types of “NO-CHIP” by Gelish, OPI, and Shelac.


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