The Best Volumizing Product by Oribe: How To Get More Volume


The Best Volumizing Product by Oribe:
How to get the most volume out of your hair.

bigger, better, full-on glamorous hair.

start with dry hair, no need to blow dry hair.

shake, spray, & work it in.
it is that easy.

this invisible dry hair spray builds in incredible volume and sexy texture.
Patented polymers absorb oil at the roots,
leaving you with just-styled hair for days (and nights).



Holiday Hair: Top 3 Holiday Easy to Style Hair Styles

Easy To Style Holiday Hair Styles

1) The Side Part & Tuck.
This is a super easy go-to formal-ish hair style. First part your hair on your preferred side and tuck the parted side behind your ear. This holiday hair style looks beautiful either curled or waved with a wand. Also, pretty holiday earrings compliment this hair style perfectly.

2. The Half Ponytail.
Yes, ladies, the 90's is back. Not only are the choker necklaces, but these half high pony tails are in and perfect for a holiday hair style. We think they look best with your hair styled straight. Another option is to hide the ponytail by wrapping a little part of the ponytail AROUND the hair tie to cover it. Then secure with a bobby pin. Voila.

3. Center Part, Sexy & Tossled waves.
This is super easy and simple. Part your hair in the center and make sure when you curl or use your wand, keep the iron VERTICAL and curl OFF your face. This way all of your waves are going off your face. This is a simple hair style, but dressy enough for your holiday party.


Spring and Summer Hair Trends 2015

2015 Spring & Summer Hair Trends
Baby lights
Baby lights are ever-so-trending for the summer 2015. Baby light highlights are especially popular around here in Chicago, where everyone is outside and eating on patios as soon as it hits 60 degrees. Baby lights brighten your current look and keep you enjoying your summer instead of having to be back in for color every 4 weeks. They are a natural sun-kissed "baby" highlight. They are so tiny that they resemble a little toddlers natural sun-kissed highlights. The look of baby lights throughout the head and a heavier highlight around the face resembles how the hair is naturally lightened by the sun. They are pretty and low maintenance, two of our most favorite things.

S'Ombre has been in fashion for a while now, A.K.A subtle OMBRE haircolor. This is a technique where we gradually go from a darker haircolor to lighter through the ends. Ombre is most definitely still in, but for summer 2015, its all about the warm softer tones. What is trending everywhere from Victoria's Secret models to the top fashion magazines are golden brunette colors at the base and a gradual fade to honey, caramel blonde tones. Ask your stylist about warming up your hair color to flatter your soon-to-be HOTT summer tan!

Balayage highlights can be done in any form or fashion from baby lights or a natural highlight. Balayage means to paint on hair color in a certain way to create a gradual fade (dark to light). This is how we do very natural looking highlights or ombre. Balayage is in style for summer and the typical foiled highlights are so 2010.

Short Sexy Haircuts
Short hair is EVERYWHERE for summer 2015 hair trends. Sexy, short, and wavy bobs, "WOBS" scream CONFIDENCE! This sexy short haircut is adorable worn with a natural beach wave or curled with a wand. Blunt bobs or long bobs, "LOBS", are the newest haircut update we've been creating on our clients. If you've have hair LONG for the past 10 years of your life and need a change, go for it. Your hair will be easy to style, cute & sexy. It makes a world of a difference to have style created in your haircut, rather than spending all the time trying to style the long drab hair.


Long Hair.
Long haircuts for spring 2015 are layered all through the front of the hair, leaving the back one length. Long hair doesn't look good if it is thin, so leaving the back one length creates a thick more blunt look on the ends. Adding layers all through the front removes the weight from your hair to create volume and style in your long hair.
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